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Neighbor - A convenient person to have as a friend as they live near you - dude lets chill we live so close, we're neighbors it'll be easy. Credit: Urban Dictionary

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We would greatly appreciate any arrangement you can make to sponsor purchasing one of these items, or donating a used item in good condition that is similar.  Donations are tax-deductible.

1.  A rack-mountable, FM stereo tuner with +4 dB outputs (XLR connector or terminal strip).  Must have electronic tuning (no “slide-rule dial”) & good sensitivity/ selectivity.

2.  Two USB keyboards.

3.  One or two 3 ghz or faster rack-mountable servers (that are fairly quiet).

4.  Several flatscreen monitors, 15+ inches.

5. A telecom rack for mounting computers and other equipment, fully enclosed.

6.  UPS’s (uninterruptable power supplies).

7.  XLR mics and audio snake - with 8 or more XLR connectors per end.

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