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    Jo Ann Paradise - Host of “Women Plus” - Saturdays from 2 to 4 pm
    May 14th, 2010


    Jo Ann Paradise is the excellent host of “Women Plus”… a show that features music, interview, and news for and about women… with the occasional male tossed in for good measure!    Email:

    Jean Proulx - Our Volunteer Coordinator
    May 14th, 2010

    Jean Proulx has been Portsmouth Community Radio’s Volunteer Coordinator for several years… her dedication to this role is what helps make this radio station work!  Thank You, Jean.. for all that you do.   Jean also hosts “Pawsitive Thoughts” on Thursday  from 2 to 3 pm -  You can contact Jean at

    Deidre Randall - Host of “Writers in the Round” - Wednesdays - 7 to 8 pm
    May 14th, 2010

    Deidre_songbird21 Deidre Randall, singer/songwriter hostess of “Writers in the Round.”  Join Deidre Randall and her live guests; songwriters, and poets, performing in the round sharing songs, poems, and discussion.   Make “Writers in the Round” (WITR) each week on Wednesdays from 7 to 8 pm, a regular listening experience.    Guy Capacelatro III occasionally shares the hosting duties for Deidre.

    Judi Matthews and Tim Stone - Hosts of “The Environmental Show” Tuesdays 9 to 10 am
    May 14th, 2010

    The_Environmental_Show  Judi Matthews and Tim Stone co-host “The Environmental Show” on Tuesdays 9 to 10 am.  This show features a broad spectrum of environmental news and interviews.   From composting to climate change and everything in between… “The Environmental Show” is informative and entertaining.

    “Wake Up” - with Kathy, Meg, and Nancy - Thursdays 8 to 10 am
    May 14th, 2010

    Brian_Kathy_Meg_Nancy_WUP_Small  Shown with former co-host, Brian…  Kathy, Meg and Nancy share the duties on the very popular “Wake Up” show which is heard every Thursday morning from 8 to 10 am on WSCA-LP 106.1 fm, Portsmouth Community Radio.

    Jenny Freeman - Host of “Soul Vaccination”
    May 14th, 2010

    JennyFreeman_SoulVac Jenny Freeman hosts “Soul Vaccination” heard from 6 to 8 pm on Thursdays.   The show is a celebration of soul, funk, and R&B music.
    Contact Jenny at

    Jenny was also a longtime host on “Portsmouth At Large” heard on Monday mornings from 9 to 10 am.

    Seacoast Business Connection - Alternating Hosts - Mondays Noon to 1 pm
    May 14th, 2010
    Anne Brown, Paul McAskill, Steve Chaisson

    Anne Brown, Paul McAskill, Steve Chaisson

    Nancy Notis, Paul McAskill, Grant Sanborn

    Nancy Notis, Paul McAskill, Grant Sanborn

    Amy Goodman - Host of Democracy Now
    May 13th, 2010

    Amy Goodman

    Amy Goodman, host of Pacifica Broadcasting’s “Democracy Now” aired Monday through Friday 5 to 6 pm.

    “Democracy Now” is Independent News and Interviews from the Pacifica Radio Network that is rebroadcast
    on WSCA-LP, Portsmouth Community Radio, 106.1 FM.

    “Democracy Now” is a special program that WSCA-LP purchases for air.  Your membership helps us to bring
    this popular program to the Seacoast.

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