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    US Senators Speak at the Sheraton
    April 27, 2012

    US Senators Shaheen and Ayotte spoke briefly and answered questions on April 20, 2012 at the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce (hosted by the Sheraton Hotel). They discussed BRAC (the Base Realignment and Closure process), stating that closing military sites like the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard may take several years to save money, and that the latest nuclear attack submarines are critical to national security.

    BRAC is an independent nine-member panel appointed by the President.  In 2005, the Pentagon / BRAC process listed the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard as a site that was not needed and slated it for closure.  However a local political outcry (now led by Senators Shaheen and Ayotte as members of the Armed Services Committee) caused the shipyard to be removed from the closure list, for now.

    Thanks to Roger Wood for recording this event. Available as MP3 or OGG (Ogg version has some noise correction).

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