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Show Hosts

Interested? Read Becoming a Show Host below.

Web Content Manager

– we are in need of someone to manage the daily and weekly content that needs to be updated and presented on our website.  Content includes special programs, events, and other news and events around WSCA. Being technically savvy would be helpful, but not a requirement.

Street Team

– we are always in need of folks to put up posters, distribute newsletters, membership forms and get the word out about WSCA

FCC Public File Manager

– we need help maintaining our FCC files, Program logs and other filing requirements.  Organization skills a must.

Music Calendar

– we need help with our organization and presentation of our music calendar for On-Air DJs to read and announce regularly.  Requires going through music listings.  Knowledge of the Seacoast music scene a plus.

Music Librarian

– helping organize, label and listen to our growing music catalog.

News Editors and News Content Gatherers

– we are building our news department, and will need news writers and editors.  Writing and experience in the news industry a plus.  Also need help with the content in the WSCA Newsletter.  Requires about one hour a week.

Becoming a Show Host

Most people seeking to join WSCA wish to have their own show. We receive hundreds of show proposals every year and carefully review each one. We take our commitment to the community very seriously. Below is the process we follow prior to approving new shows.

We are particularly looking for shows that cover the following topics:

  • Dedicated to world music (a particular genre or a general show)
  • Local news
  • Show(s) about cinema, literature, poetry, art, science
1. Complete a Volunteer Intake Form (PDF) and become a member

We need this information on your background, skills and interests to help understand what role at WSCA best suits your talents and supports the mission of WSCA. All volunteers must become a WSCA Member.

2. Submit a Program Proposal

The Programming Department will initially review your program proposal and consider the proposed show in the context of existing programming already on the air and the availability of time slots that are appropriate for the proposed show. The Programming Department will not give final approval of a proposed show until the DJ/Producer has completed the appropriate training modules.

3. Practice Show

This gives you the opportunity to walk through the creation of a sample show that the Programming Director will review. This is when you can work out the details of your show’s focus and the approach you will take in creating it each week.

4. Training

This includes “classroom”-type learning, in-studio/on-air apprenticeship with a WSCA Trainer or DJ, and the successful production of a practice/sample show if not already done. Once you complete the appropriate training and you have submitted a sample show recording to Programming, your show will be considered for approval and added to the program schedule if an appropriate slot is available.

WSCA 106.1FM Announces Volunteer/DJ Training Sessions

Interested in getting involved as a radio show host or volunteer at WSCA 106.1FM, Portsmouth Community Radio? Do you have an interest in news, radio engineering, live music performance engineering, music show production, or public affairs programming? WSCA also has many opportunities for volunteers in off-air roles including marketing, fundraising, administration, IT, social media, and music acquisition, review and management.

The first step to getting involved with WSCA is to attend a Module 1 – Station Introduction training session. After completion of Module 1, you will be ready to volunteer for many of the off-air and behind-the-scenes roles at the station and to continue on with further training modules as required if you are interested in being an on-air show host or helping out with other more technical roles at the station.

Module 1 Trainings are scheduled quarterly. All sessions are Monday 6:30 to 8:30 PM and held at WSCA. Trainees must have attended a Module 1 session prior to attending a Module 2 session.

Upcoming Mod 1 trainings:

Module 1 & 2 Combo - April 8 6-8 PM

Email training@wscafm.org to register for a training session. If you can’t attend a Monday evening session, email training@wscafm.org and suggest an alternative day and time that works better. If there is demand, additional Module 1 training dates may be scheduled.

Module 2 Training Sessions:

Module 1 & 2 Combo - April 8 6-8 PM

If interested in attending a module 2 training session email Susan Tuveson at

Module 3 Training Sessions (sign up for one session):

Email John Lovering at jlovering@wscafm.org or Peter Langley at plangley@wscafm.org with questions.

February 18 6-8 pm

Please email the trainer directly and cc training@wscafm.org with the
specific date and time you want to attend. There will be a limit of five
trainees per session.

There are a lot of colds going around. As such, if you are really sick, please consider staying home and attending another session when you are well.

All training sessions will be held at WSCA’s 909 Islington Street studios.  Trainees must pre-register for a training session by emailing training@wscafm.org or calling 603-430-9722 and leave a message for Training.

More information on the WSCA training program, and the requirements to be an on-air show host, is available by emailing training@wscafm.org.


Module 1 – Station Introduction (Required for all volunteers): Module 1 will familiarize volunteers with an overview of the station mission, organization, and operations. You will also learn about the many opportunities to get involved with the station and the general station policies. After completion of Module 1 you should be comfortable enough to identify a rewarding role at the station and to have an understanding of what’s going on when you walk through the front door. (2 hours)

Module 2 - Station Policies, Practices and Protocol (Required for all who want to produce and participate in shows): Upon completion of Module 2 you will understand what your role and responsibilities are as an on-air personality at WSCA. This module goes into the details of station on-air policies, DJ responsibilities and FCC regulations that we are required to comply with to hold our FM license. You will learn what it takes to protect WSCA’s license by avoiding program material that could result in penalties being imposed by the FCC. You will also learn about station policies regarding on-air conduct as it applies to WSCA personnel, guests and political candidates.

Following the completion of Module 2, if you have submitted a show proposal, the Programming committee will begin review of your show proposal. In most cases you will need to complete Module 3 training and prepare a show demo recording before your proposed show will be considered for final approval. (2 hours)

Module 3 - On-Air Techniques (Required for all who want to produce on-air shows, and operate the studio console and equipment): This module will provide you with an introduction to operating the studio console and equipment in both Control Room A (CR-A) and Control Room B (CR-B). The skills you learn will allow you to broadcast, take callers on the telephone, record programming, operate the CD players and turntables, and operate key station operating software.

Following the completion of the Module 3 training session, you will be required to log additional hands-on practice hours on your own in Control Room B to gain general proficiency with using the studio equipment and on-air delivery. Once you feel comfortable using the studio equipment, you will be asked to demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency with the studio equipment for a WSCA Trainer.

If this goes well you will then prepare a demo recording of a show for Training and Programming to review. If the demo recording indicates proficiency with equipment operation and on-air delivery, you will be scheduled to help produce at least one live show with a WSCA DJ mentor/trainer. If all goes well you will then be approved to do show fills and subbing. If you have submitted a show proposal to Programming and have submitted a show demo recording, Programming will now consider your show proposal for approval and if a show slot is available, add your show to the program schedule on a six week probationary period.

Module 4 - Live Performance Production Techniques (Required for all DJs hosting live music acts.): This module will help you make your live music broadcasts sound the best they can. You will learn how different microphones work, how to place microphones to achieve the best possible sound, and how to use the WSCA mixers to deliver quality audio to our listeners.

Module 5 - Off-Air Production Techniques. This module will familiarize you with audio editing software such as Audacity and the techniques needed to produce a pre-recorded radio program for airing at some point in the future, or to produce show segments to be aired in a live program. (about 2 hours depending on computer skills)

Module 6 - Live Remote Broadcast Production (Required for DJs or volunteers using remote broadcasting equipment) This module will teach volunteers how to use WSCA’s remote (CODEC) broadcasting equipment under various conditions. This module is quite technical, and those taking it will be invited to be part of the remote engineering team and may be asked, from time to time, to assist in remote broadcast projects.


Email Training

WSCA 106.1FM Portsmouth
Training Department
909 Islington St, Suite 1
Portsmouth, NH 03801


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