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    What Can I Say? with Rob and Robin

    Rob Kanzer, life coach

    Creating Happiness and Success (one word at a time!)

    What Can I Say? explores how we can best apply human consciousness and positive language to resolve conflicts and enhance the quality of every aspect of our lives.  Host Rob Kanzer, the President of the Cambridge and Portsmouth Coaching Collaboratives, draws his wisdom from compassionate counseling, mediation, religious and secular practices, conflict resolution, creative problem solving and life and business coaching.

    Rob Kanzer, along with his co-host, Robin Nitschelm, interview local and out-of-town guests, provide provocative commentary on topics and ideas currently in, as well as outside of, the mainstream of thought.  There’s even a few music peices we play to complement the themes of each show.  We are a public affairs program and invite your participation - what do you say?

    What Can I Say? is broadcast on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 12 noon, EST (and may expand to include other Wednesday broadcasts in the future)

    The Law of Attraction
    April 28th, 2010
    Tags: attitude of gratitude, breaking self-defeating patterns, Joseph Campbell, labeling, Model I want I can I will, , positive speaking, positive thinking, positive vibration, positive visualization, radiating positive energy, The Law of Attraction, The Secret documentary
    Posted in Emotional well-being