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Thank you for your interest in donating to WSCA and becoming a member of Portsmouth Community Radio!  Our official name as a 501.c3 organization is “Seacoast Arts and Cultural Alliance” (you can verify this by clicking here or on “View Full Report” after clicking Donate Now below).

A small percentage of this secure credit-card transaction is used to support the donation system.  You can choose to have this taken out of the amount you donate or added to it, and with some donation amounts you will be presented with some options about how much this overhead expense will be.  Feel free to choose the smallest one.

As a matter of privacy, this donation system does not ask you for your phone number.  However if you are planning to be an active volunteer or DJ, it may be helpful and important to contact you quickly occasionally.  If so, please email Membership with your phone number so we can add it to our database.

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