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    Remembrances of Terry Blake - Tidings Link - August 2011 -
    August 16th, 2011

    Terry was an inveterate, tireless, and outgoing volunteer. If there was a WSCA event going on, it was likely that Terry was somehow involved. From Market Square Days, to dances, concerts, the Spotlight awards, remote broadcast locations -whatever it was, Terry was never too busy to get out there to do whatever was necessary, and to be welcoming to anyone.

    Most of us know Terry from his own programs Fantalk, which he produced with his daughter Sarai, as well as the popular Seacoast Scene. While taking great pride in his shows, he never became boastful, nor did he take himself so seriously that he failed to have a good time.

     And that good time, and jovial attitude were apparent to those around him. If there was any quality about Terry that any of us would wish to emulate, it was his kindness and his accepting attitude. Terry did not judge a person because of who they were, but rather accepted people at face-value. If you were a good person, with a kind heart, that’s all that mattered to him.

    His smile, his laugh, his quirky sense of humor will be remembered with fondness. The hole that will be left with his leaving will not be quickly filled. The fond memories will be accompanied for quite some time with tears - but in time, the tears will pass.

    Probably not so long in the future, when we are feeling sad or down, we might imagine Terry saying to us “Oh Geez - get over it already”, and then laughing once again, and getting back to whatever it was he was working on. – Deirdre Hebert


    I didn’t know Terry for that long in the grand scheme of things but I felt like I knew him forever.  He was my friend and my musical brother.  He was solid and sure and a person that I could count on always, without fail.  He was a special person.

    When I first met Terry he told me that he wanted to do a similar style radio show as the one I did.  I’d like to say that I taught him everything he knew about interviewing musicians but it wouldn’t even be close to being true.

    He had a passion for the music and he worked hard to share that passion with the world.  That’s how he was.  When he believed in something, he wanted to share it and celebrate it.

    More than once after I had a certain musician or band in the studio Terry would say to me.  “Shawn – You’re my hero”.  More often than not I’d laugh and sort of dismiss it.  But that was the great thing about Terry.  He would see the best in people and he would let you know that he appreciated what he saw.

    And when you’re faced with that kind of mirror, a mirror that only reflects back the best of who you are, you can’t help but walk away feeling better.  Terry always made me feel better.  I never left his presence without feeling better about what I was doing or more importantly, who I was.  It’s a gift that few possess and that only makes his passing even more heartbreaking to me.

    Terry’s death doesn’t extinguish his light.  And though we may feel like we are walking in darkness now without him here – Just remember that dawn will break as it always does. And when it breaks, the birds will sing their songs as they always do. And when you hear the bird songs take a moment and think of Terry – Because I know that he’ll be celebrating that song as he always did.

    Terry  - You’re my hero!  - Shawn Henderson


    It seems like it was just yesterday that Terry arrived at the station, and in preparation for his own show, Fan Talk, he diligently trained  with several of us to engineer the show, Writers In The Round. Terry caught on very quickly, and went on to host and engineer his own  live rock show, as well as other DJ shows. A very eager and dependable learner –we often talked about alternate ways to record a live show, and I know that on more than one occasion, he taught me as few techniques I did not know.  Recently Terry jumped right on the new remote equipment and became the go-to-guy to learn this. Terry was extremely dedicated to WSCA, and touched most aspects of the daily running of the station. His loss is really profound to PCR and his family. I will miss him greatly.  -  Gordon Sharpless


    If I ever needed some technical help — Terry was there. No fanfare.  He just did it. He once told me how important the station was to him, and how it had given him another chance to be something. He was something — and someone of whom I am grateful to have known.
    - Ann Haggart


    In thinking about Terry, there is not just one stand-alone memory, but instead the collection of countless impressions of a man filled with a gracious spirit, a never-ending desire to include laughter in each moment, and a parenting style that ought to be a primer for others. What a successful life - the true measure being the joy, inspiration, time,  and love he gave to others.  I won’t forget Terry’s giggling (often at himself) on the air.  Or his “I’ll do it” at every meeting I was ever in with him, for anything!  Or the incredible gift of radio and music and honing a skill and belonging, that he gave to Sarai. With an abundance of gratitude for having known Terry,  Leslie Brenner


    When I first got involved at WSCA, Terry was one of the first people I met and made me instantly feel at ease and apart of the WSCA family.  He always took the time to chat with me and always had great music suggestions. Much to my surprise and delight, we shared a mutual love and appreciation of certain Broadway musicals and was always willing to talk with me about musical interests that not many others share with me.  I always noticed how he always made an effort to help anyone who asked and had one of those approachable non-judgmental attitudes that I always appreciated. WSCA has lost a great talented DJ as well as friend to many. I will miss Terry. - April Mulkern


    Terry Blake’s life and work impacted everyone (DJ’s, volunteers, listeners) connected with Portsmouth Community Radio in such a positive way, whether they realized it or not. Terry saw the best in everyone and wanted only the best for the station. No task was too big or too small or too beneath him to do; if it had to get done, he would quietly get it done, without fanfare, in his own selfless way.  Terry was passionate about his music, and he could never resist tweaking others for their musical tastes. Terry had a fun way of teasing people, though, so much so that I actually looked forward to the next time when he would poke fun at me because it was always light-hearted, spoken in jest, and always ended with him saying “It’s all good, boss.”

    Like many people I’ve spoken with, I can’t remember how or when I met Terry, but it just felt as though he had always been with us. His arrival on the scene was so unassuming and seamless, and his presence so constant and reassuring. I can’t help thinking that he’ll be standing over our collective shoulders, lending an invisible hand to make sure we get it right.

    “I’ll see you in the skies above, in the tall grass, in the ones I love
    You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go…”  (Bob Dylan).  - Damon Thomas



    It was Terry Blake who always helped me out at the station when I was trying to figure out audio editing.  It was Terry who showed me quick shortcuts and made editing Seacoast Journal do-able.  I was starting from scratch and he didn’t mind giving me any amount of time, from showing me how to turn a WAV into an mp3 to posting  a podcast on a web site. It was all because of Terry that I learned these things.  I know he was beginning to write some stories about his life because we talked about writing now and then. I hope his first stories are around somewhere, and his family will hear him talking when they read. Thank you, Terry.  Your friend, Terry Farish



    Tags: August 2011 Tidings, Portsmouth Community Radio, Remembrances, Terry Blake, Tidings, WSCA
    Posted in Noteworthy, Tidings Link
    Continuation of July 2011 Tidings Article: Angelynne Hinson Named Music Director at Portsmouth Community Radio
    July 17th, 2011

    Mr. Blake, in addition to his duties as Assistant Music Director, is host of “Seacoast Scene”(Mondays, 3 to 5 pm) and co-host with his daughter Sarai Blake of “Fan Talk” (Sundays, 8 to 10 pm).

    Bliss continued, “As increasingly we enhance our understanding of the demographics and psychographics that help define the seacoast listening community, we will be able to more effectively develop creative and original radio programming to engage our audiences broadly and deeply. Importantly, as a non-profit community radio station, it’s in our mission to develop programming that represents an alternative to commercial radio. That’s our challenge, and one that we welcome. With this team in place, we are well poised to meet that challenge and to stand among the great cultural institutions of the seacoast community.”

    Portsmouth Community Radio is a listener-supported, volunteer-operated radio station whose mission is to offer programming that reflects the interests and tastes of the seacoast listening community. Those interested in volunteering at the radio station in either on-air or supportive roles are urged to email or visit the station’s website:

    Tags: 106.1 fm, Angelynne Hinson, Ann Bliss, Assistant Music Director, July 2011 Tidings, Music Director, Portsmouth Community Radio, Terry Blake, Tidings, WSCA-LP
    Posted in Noteworthy, Tidings Link
    Link to June 2011 Tidings Audio File from Article - “Did You Know.. History of Radio”
    June 13th, 2011
    Continuation of 2011 May Tidings Article: “List of Daily Super Premium Winners From 2011 Spring Fund Drive”
    May 20th, 2011

    Below are the names of the winners who received the “Super Premium of the Day” during our 2011 Spring Seed the Power Pledge Drive:

    Friday’s Winner – Jen Marion  - Eliot  - Margaritas Mexican Restaurant certificate 

    Saturday’s Winner – Deb Barry -  Stratham  - The Black Trumpet certificate 

    Sunday’s Winner – Susan Carr - New Boston  -  Shalimar Indian Restaurant certificate

    Monday’s Winner – Jeannie Daniels - Greenland  - Creamery Delivery

    Tuesday’s Winner – David Roop  -Saco - Robert”s Maine GrillPortsmouth Dining Club Card

    Wednesday’s Winner – Joe Winter -Kittery - Tugboat Alley certificate & Portsmouth Dining Club Card

    Thursday’s Winner – Donna - Portsmouth & the Cooperative Extension -  Gift certificate to Balance- A Woman’s Gym & Portsmouth Dining Club Card

    Congratulations to all and thank you for supporting Portsmouth Community Radio!

    Continuation of May 2011 Tidings Article - “Pledge Drive Training Session Featured…”
    May 19th, 2011
    (l-r) Jean Gagne, Kevin Caron, Cindy Bistoury 
    John Supersport Scavo
    John “Supersport” Scavo

    Finally, thanks to Jean Gagne co-host of Under the Radar (Mondays, 8-10 pm), Kevin Caron, John “Supersport” Scavo host of Scratchy 45′s and Beyond (Saturdays, 10 am-Noon),  and Cindy Bistoury for their work in planning and helping out with the training session.

    We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to Portsmouth Community Radio.

    Continuation of May 2011 Tidings Article - “Portsmouth Community Radio Goes On Location”
    May 19th, 2011

    Peter was at it again on Saturday, May 7th, as he once again set up our new compact remote gear (photo below) and engineered Portsmouth Community Radio’s live broadcast from the City Hall location of the first 2011 Seacoast Growers Association,  Portsmouth Farmers’ Market.

    Farmers Market Remote Equipment 5_7_11


    Kim Sedlock (photo below) host of A Redhead Spins the Blues (Mondays, 1-3 pm), was our host for the Farmers’ Market broadcast and had the pleasure of interviewing a number of attendees.  Any exposure WSCA-LP receives at an event like this helps make people aware that we are here and are indeed part of the community.

    Kim Sedlock_Farmers Market Remote_5_7_11





    During the past year, as a result of the generosity of several local businesses and individuals, we were able to purchase state-of-the art equipment that gave us remote broadcasting capability. This equipment, combined with the volunteer efforts of our engineers and particularly Peter “Rocky” Smith, has helped WSCA-LP to bring more of the ”Community” to Portsmouth Community Radio.

    Continuation of May 2011 Tidings Article - “Morning Voices Celebrates the Royal Morning”
    May 19th, 2011

    Morning Voices is heard every Friday morning from 6 to 9 am. Morning Voices is a genre busting program that brings you an eclectic mix of new and familiar music: the American songbook, instrumental and vocal jazz, swing, classical crossover and more. 

    In addition the show features local, national and international cultural news, monthly composer/lyricist features, and regular interviews with local and regional artists.

    Continuation of May 2011 “Tidings” Article - “Portsmouth At Large Leaves The Air”
    May 19th, 2011

    Everyone involved with the show would like to thank their loyal listeners. They truly hope that they have learned from the program and perhaps have been inspired to make change where they see a need. 

    Thank you to all the hosts for over five years of outstanding public affairs programming on Portsmouth Community Radio.

    Did you miss a show you’d love to hear?  WSCA archives its public affairs programming.  Check out the archived shows at:

    Continuation of May “Tidings” Article - “Mama’s Hot House”
    May 19th, 2011

    Mama has five years of experience as an independent DJ, three years at UMaine in Orono on WMEB with a senior year as the acting Music Director for Hip Hop and World Music, and two years in the Mad River Valley in Vermont at another low power community station, WMRW. She has some working experience in the Music Industry and has returned to reside in the Seacoast with family and friends, immersing herself in community efforts she loves.

    Notable - Continuation of a May Tidings Article - Underwriting Team Formed
    May 19th, 2011

    …there are commissions involved, but you’re advised not to think of this as a serious money-making opportunity but, rather, as a chance to meet some nice community members and pick up enough change to treat yourself to an occasional lunch.  Oh, and if you operate a business on the Seacoast and would like to consider underwriting on Portsmouth Community Radio, send an email to that same address.  Contact:

     Article submitted by Terry MacDonald, Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees. 

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