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    Radio Ecoshock (6-7 PM) - The Free Speech Zone (7-8 PM) - Here Are This Week’s Topics And Don’t Forget “Lives in the Balance” From 8-9 PM.
    October 10, 2013

    Radio Ecoshock, broadcast on more than 70 college and community stations around the world.

    RADIO ECOSHOCK with ALEX SMITH : Topic:   Climate Catastrophe Past & Future - 4 past mass extinctions from global warming   Radio Ecoshock with Alex Smith

    This week on Radio Ecoshock we are going way back, to see the big future. Dr. Peter Ward, author of 14 books, returns to explain the four past mass extinctions caused by global warming. Rutgers scientist Dr. Morgan Schaller talks about a startling new discovery: around 55 million years ago, Earth warmed by 5 degrees C, or 9 Fahrenheit, in just 13 years. Could it happen again?  We wrap up with the struggle to stop this fossil fuel madness. Stephanie Goodwin from Greenpeace reports on the Arctic 30 - the entire ship and crew seized by the Russian government and imprisoned for months, charged with piracy. Their crime: trying to bring your attention to the new wave of dangerous drilling in the Arctic.


    Tune in to The Free Speech Zone on Sunday night October 27th at 7 pm to hear a talk by David Stockman titled: The Great Deformation, given at the Commonwealth Club of California on April 11th 2013. Stockman, a former U.S. Congressman, is the author of The Great Deformation: How Crony Capitalism Corrupts Free Markets and Democracy. One of the architects of the Reagan Revolution, Stockman says that crony capitalism has made fools of us all, transforming Republican treasury secretaries into big government interventionists and populist Democratic presidents into industry-wrecking internationalists. Stockman discusses where he believes capitalism went wrong in this country and how it might be restored. His analysis questions the assumptions of Keynesians and monetarists alike, arguing that both “liberal” and “neo-conservative” interference in markets can be damaging and often dangerous. 


    On WSCA-LP 106.1 FM - Portsmouth Community Radio (streaming via www.portsmouthcommunityradio.orgf or those outside the broadcast signal limits)   Use your mobile device with the TuneIn App.

    Then stay tuned for some great music on Lives In The Balance from 8 to 9 pm.

    Kind regards,  Brad  aka dj Big Brother

    “The people, unfortunately, are still very ignorant,
    and are kept in ignorance by the systematic efforts
    of all the governments, who consider this ignorance,
    not without good reason, as one of the essential
    conditions of their own power.”  ~ Mikhail Bakunin  1871
    The Free Speech Zone   with dj Big Brother
              glimpses of sanity and truth
                     Sundays  7:00-8:00 pm
                       WSCA-LP   106.1 FM  

    Lives In The Balance: songs of social and political import
        that you won’t hear on brain-dead corporate radio
                            with   dj  Big Brother                              
             Sundays  8:00-9:00 pm  WSCA-LP  106.1 FM 
    “Do the best that you can in the place where you are and be kind”
    ~ Scott Nearing


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    Tags: 106.1 fm, DJ Big Brother, Portsmouth Community Radio, Radio Ecoshock, The Free Speech Zone, WSCA, WSCA-LP
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