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    for March, 2011
    Continued from March 2011 “Tidings” - Suicide Prevention Film Had Origins At Portsmouth Community Radio…
    March 12th, 2011

    Beginning last summer we came up with a far out idea that seemed reasonable-let’s make a film on suicide prevention!  I’m blaming the whole project on the “anything is possible” atmosphere at the station - a mixture of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney thinking they can put on a Broadway play with two bucks and a pair of naïve smiles.

    An aspiring filmmaker came to our rescue and he was willing to devote hundreds of hours of dedication. But it was the raw courage of five individuals, whose only desire was to save a life that enabled them to face a camera and talk about their darkest moments that are the heart of this film.


    On March 9that the Kremple’s Center in Portsmouth, we debuted our film,  Just One More Day,  before brain injury survivors, their families, staff and UNH interns. And none of this happens without there being an odd little radio station tucked back in an alley that gave a home to an even odder show called “Don’t Dis My Ability.”


    Ronnie Tomanio is a co-hostof “Don’t Dis’ My Ability
    (Every other Tuesday 3:30 to 4:15 PM)
    Tags: Just One More Day, Ronnie Tomanio, Suicide Prevention Film
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    Continuation from “Tidings” of Dee Hebert’s Letter Regarding February 23rd and 24th National Homlessness Marathon Broadcast
    March 10th, 2011

    It took the community to pitch in - Starbucks, Darlene’s and Subway. It took the City of Portsmouth. We also had help from the folks who gave up their time for their own shows at WSCA, the people who came down to show their support. The random people in the community who appreciated what we do.

    Beyond that, it took the help of every DJ, volunteer and member of the station. For those of you who don’t think you contributed, you did. How do you think we pay for the equipment, the air time for the 3G card on the Codec, or just keeping the lights on? Seriously, this program couldn’t have happened without the support of everyone. We might look at a few people and think “these are the folks who made it happen”, but the reality is that we all make it happen. That’s what community radio is about. You all have my sincere appreciation and admiration.

    I do want to issue an invitation; this is a program that we do every year. If what we did this year looks exciting to you, then remember that. We can certainly use your help next year.

    And if there is something that you are passionate about, remember that this is what Community Radio, and WSCA-LP are about. Go up to the top of that hill, and start making a snowball. It can grow, it can gain momentum, and it can become something quite a bit larger than you anticipated.

    With sincere thanks,

    Deirdre Hebert
    Tags: Dee Hebert, Homlessness Marathon, Tidings
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