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    for October, 2010
    WSCA “Scratchy 45′s and Beyond” Pumpkin Family Visits York Beach Pumpkin Stroll!
    October 17th, 2010
    Pumpkin DJ Supersport and Engineer Gary Ready to go to the Pumpkin Stroll


    Pumpkin DJ Supersport is ready to Rock 'n Roll!

    Engineer Pumpkin Gary Keeps An Ear On Supersport

    Engineer Pumpkin Gary Keeps An Ear On Supersport

    Pumpkin Engineer Gary, Pumpkin DJ Supersport and "Friend"

    Going "Live" from the Pumpkin Stroll at York Beach!

    Pumpkins Gary and DJ Supersport Had WSCA's Back Covered At The Pumpkin Stroll!

    John (Supersport), host of “Scratchy 45′s and Beyond” heard Saturdays from 4 to 6 pm, along with his wife and sister entered a very unique Pumpkin Exhibit in October 16th’s York Beach Pumpkin Stroll. Their “WSCA Pumpkin Family” was a big hit and resulted in a great promotional event for WSCA! 

    Supersport gives most of the credit for the “WSCA Pumpkin Family” design and construction to Mrs. Supersport and her sister, with Mr. Supersport supplying the pumpkins!  
    It is creativity, talent, and enthusiasm like this that certainly goes “above and beyond” in being an excellent volunteer at Portsmouth Community Radio!   Thank you Supersport family and your Pumpkin friends!  



    Tags: DJS and Volunteers, Portsmouth Community Radio, Scratchy 45s and Beyond, Supersport, WSCA, York Pumpkin Stroll
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