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Listener Feedback

Dear WSCA:

……..I don’t listen to the radio very much but when I do, it’s great to be able to hear WSCA. But even though I don’t listen often, I am a supporter of community radio and WCSA on principle alone. (I really liked the segment with the city manager.) I have a special fondness for WSCA because, as a member of the New Heights advisory board, I am aware of the terrific partnership between the organization and your station. …..Thanks for providing Portsmouth with a great radio station! (I have affectionately dubbed you: W Community Supported Air!).   Sincerely, JF


I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your Monday program Portsmouth At Large. I’ve been listening for the past three weeks, and now never miss it. It’s great to learn about local non-profits, most of which don’t have the resources to advertise — from lesser-known organizations like Seacoast Outright to the venerable (and somewhat misunderstood, I discovered by listening to today’s show) Salvation Army. Each week the hosts are asking the questions I would ask if I were in the studio… but, they are more relaxed and articulate than I would be! Thanks for a great program. I’ll be telling my friends to tune in. EM

I am writing this email to everyone I can think of in this areas to get the word out about Portsmouth community radio WSCA FM 106.1. I for one love this radio station, it has so much to offer our community and if you listen to it, I am sure you will feel the way I do. Try Wednesday evening when they have Poets or Friday at 6 PM when Rachel and Susan talk about food and visit with local restaurateurs. The other night I was listening to some of the best Blues ever written. Then they have Democracy Now and some really cool radio broadcasts from the past. I am also very thankful to them for broadcasting about my current art show at Kittery Art Association. There are many of our teens involved in this station as well and I can’t think of a better way to offer a great learning experience for teens interested in broadcasting. I am not kidding when I say I love this station. I am never bored listening. I never really gave thought to community radio until I started listening and now I am hooked!  FH


I just wanted to say that I love WSCA. Do you have any bumper stickers? M

Hello. I listen to the station a lot and really appreciate not only the sounds you offer but why are you offering them. Thanks, A


I fell in love with your station when you went on air and continue to leave it set on 106.1 every time I’m in my car to work and back…..Thanks, T


Hi… I have an old Philco console that has been in my family for years.  My wife and I listen
to Audio Theatre every Tuesday and thought we would like to listen to your show on the old radio, but we don’t know how to hook up an antenna to it.  Any help you could give would be appreciated. W


Tres Amigas ROCK. Do they pick their own songs? They have wide-ranging, and very good, taste in music. When they played the Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” I nearly lost it.

Dear Dermot, Just thought I would write and tell you how much I appreciate your show on Sunday Mornings. Keep it up!


Dear sir: I am enjoying your old time radio program on Tuesday evenings and look forward to additional programs. Thank you, SR

Hi there - Caught some of the Spotlight Awards on the Portsmouth radio station online. Made me a little nostalgic and reminiscent. Hope it all went smashing. Take care, J


Hi, Just wanted to let you know I listened to the entire Spotlight show, and it
was just terrific! Not only did I and other listeners learn a lot about the
local arts scene, we also got to hear interviews with awardees, local band
performances, entertaining speeches, and informed, enthusiastic reviews of
individuals’ work. Jeanne McCartin was amazing on the mic. It was very, very cool to hear how well connected the arts community is with WSCA. All the mentions of the station by the event hosts
were very prominent — I especially loved hearing WSCA shows included as
part of the awardees’ bios — (‘host of Wine Me Dine Me…’, ‘well known for
her show Writers in the Round’, etc.). It shows how deeply embedded the
station has already become in the cultural life of the region. It must have
been a great night. Anyway, just another fan letter from someone who was already a big fan. What
a great show that was. M


I just want to let you know how much I like the indie/alternative music I’m hearing on WSCA. A


It is great to know there is still a station with real music. My CD player in my car broke a year ago so I’ve been listening to the radio for a year and I always hated the radio because it’s all so mainstream. It was nice to listen to real alternative music rather than the mainstream top 40 crap.


Hi! I was on my way to work this morning (I commute from Manchester to Portsmouth) when I stumbled across your station. I almost had a heart-attack and drove off the highway I was so excited. Breeders,
Liz Phair, Blake Babies, Throwing Muses! All the great groups I listened to in high school. Thanks for making my morning! :)


Greetings, You’re doing a great job with WSCA and also provide a great community service with your news and music programs. Keep up the good work. Best Regards, HW


Hi, I found you guys on the web and i just wanted to say i love your station!  What an interesting variety. I’m always learning about something new whenever I tune in! I especially like hearing Devendra  Banhart  and Joanna Newsom on the radio!! Thanks, keep up the good work!   T

I have been listening to your station for about a week now. I love the variety, it never gets boring, unlike
virtually all UK radio stations which stick to well defined playlists. Keep up the excellent work! Dan From England
I love WSCA! I work locally and listen all the time ……. Keep playing the alternative music!  T


Keep up the Good Work. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I love the variety of programming on your station- great to have a station in town playing artists I’ve never heard of before. Really reflects the independent spirit of Portsmouth. I was afraid when I heard that the station was coming that it would be a Christian thing (like up in Maine) or bunch of people coming in off the street playing their old records- you know, “deep cuts” by tired bands like Korn or Steely Dan or whoever. Thank god you’re not that! Keep up
the great work! Great to be able to listen online too- nice feature. M


Comments from an avid Fan: Hello, Just wanted to drop a line to let you know what a pleasure it’s been listening to the station for the past few months. I love the wide variety  of music being played; it’s been a long time since I’ve heard ‘Heroin’ by the VU on the radio (at noon, no less…). So, keep up the good work; and keep exposing the community to all sorts of music they are NEVER going to hear anywhere else. JR


Hi. Thank you WSCA, my name is JC and I am writing because I know how rare it is to receive positive feedback. What you are doing for the seacoast community is quite extraordinary. I live in Dover and only get the station in my car but I love it so much that I became a member and am willing to donate even though my wife and I are moving to Somersworth where the reception is even poorer. What WSCA is doing is wonderful because it is different. WSCA proves that music is still alive. The music is lesser known and not forced down our throats by some corporate special interest. The music is such that it attempts to re-train the listener to not only appreciate what is familiar but to actually listen to what is being cast. In essence this is called listening in the moment instead of seeing the present through old and often unrelated templates of the past. In a world where superficial regurgitation is capitalized upon, WSCA is a lost and forgotten art. Thank you! Where else can you hear local artists? Where else can you hear blue grass? Where else can you hear Independent label music? Where else can you hear the lost Jazz, the Avant garde? Where else can you hear all of this and more, and then mix it in with classic songs that are rarely played on the radio anymore? I also appreciate the other programs offered such as “Democracy Now” and the other show that plays old radio shows from the early days of radio.

I tell you that this radio station is an outlet for the many wonderful minds in the area to plug into. This radio station is sunlight that ignites artistic growth onto the seacoast. I say that the thoughts of the many are
transposed onto the airwaves, and there they breed, thanks to you.
WSCA=We Serve Community Aims   WSCA=Welcome Strong Community Action    WSCA=We’re Sick
of Corporate America     WSCA=We Scream “Community has Arrived!” I believe I speak on behalf of the many when I say “Thank you, WSCA”, Don’t Change. JC

Hello WSCA. Just want to send out a quick hello and thank you for the wonderful listening programs!!! The variety is nice to hear and keep up the good work! P

Greetings. You’re doing a great job with WSCA and also provide a great community service with your news and music programs. I was wondering if you have T-shirts available; they would seem to be great for advertising and also fund raisers. The logo on your home page of the radio antennae would make a super shirt with white ink on a black shirt. I’m an artist who has done shirts in the past and the idea came immediately to mind. Keep up the good work. Best Regards,HW


I remember fondly the days of a truly “alternative” FNX radio, when The Pixies, Joy Division, The The, and Siouxsie and the Banshees could be heard on the radio. Today, there are so few great, independent, creative radio stations with a reverence and knowledge of myriad music. WSCA plays Tom Waits, Magnetic Fields, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, American Analog, among others…it is a refreshing and wonderful thing. Let WSCA continue with its innovative approach to radio programming and give its Portsmouth
listeners what they have desperately craved and finally can experience: magnificently independent
music. Fondly, RC


While driving home from a show last night (Thursday) I came upon 106.1FM and had to stop and listen. I had the station on all the way home and have been streaming it all day to day at work. As a part time New Hampshire musician I feel a bit ashamed I have been out of things so long that I did not know about 106.1 until now. First off, I am very happy to know this exists, not only for my own musical benefit, but for the entire community. I would like to offer any help I can, and plan on donating soon. Thanks again for offering this to the community, you have just gained a listener and hopefully I can get more to tune in as well. JJ

In Reference to “Don’t Dis’ My Ability”


Good Day Wonderful WSCA! First things first…what an incredible show!!!  Unfortunately, I was only able to catch the very end on Tuesday and I was listening to a female guest speaking so beautiful, eloquent and rational about panic disorders.  She mentioned that everyone has problems, but that some of us have problems that will scare people; she shared an example of being in a supermarket and having a panic attack. My name is Nicole and I have been living with a panic disorder my entire life.  I remember the first time I had a panic attack in the grocery store…all the isles starting closing in on me and I started to get tunnel vision.  I had a rather full cart of groceries and after a long period of time standing as still as a mountain and looking frightened and talking to myself…I left the cart in the middle of the isle and walked out.  I have been agoraphobic at times, find it difficult to start new jobs, feel comfortable around people, haven’t quite yet found a fella that understands and!

I missed out on a whole lot of good times growing up because I was sidelined with panic attacks.  Listening to her talk about her own experiences made me realize how wonderful it feels to know there is someone out there that understands what you are going through.  She mentioned that we have to take baby steps and she talked about how she organizes her life so that she can live more comfortably with her panic…I do the same, schedules and consistency.  Every social outing is a mini triumph for me and I know there are people out there who experience the same things that I do, day in and day out and I know how hard it is to help people understand how I am feeling…I was incredibly overwhelmed to the point of tears at the sounds coming from the radio.  Don’t Dis My Ability made me feel like a winner that day…I am not embarrassed about my panic, but it was  amazing to hear another share such intimate details of their life that were so directly relatable to my own.

Thank you so much for this show…it really grabbed me deep this week and I can only imagine how many people’s lives or even just their days have been made better by listening to the folks on this show.  At the very least it lets other people know just how much we do and how much we accomplish with what was handed to us.  I love listening to this show because hope lives on the airwaves every time they broadcast!  They are always positive and making others feel better, especially those who might need just the right words…like me.  What a treasure!  I am so thankful!

A Sincere and Thankful Listener – January 16, 2011.

















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Continuation of July 2011 Tidings Article: Angelynne Hinson Named Music Director at Portsmouth Community Radio

Mr. Blake, in addition to his duties as Assistant Music Director, is host of “Seacoast Scene”(Mondays, 3 to 5 pm) and co-host with his daughter Sarai Blake of “Fan Talk” (Sundays, 8 to 10 pm).

Bliss continued, “As increasingly we enhance our understanding of the demographics and psychographics that help define the seacoast listening community, we will be able to more effectively develop creative and original radio programming to engage our audiences broadly and deeply. Importantly, as a non-profit community radio station, it’s in our mission to develop programming that represents an alternative to commercial radio. That’s our challenge, and one that we welcome. With this team in place, we are well poised to meet that challenge and to stand among the great cultural institutions of the seacoast community.”

Portsmouth Community Radio is a listener-supported, volunteer-operated radio station whose mission is to offer programming that reflects the interests and tastes of the seacoast listening community. Those interested in volunteering at the radio station in either on-air or supportive roles are urged to email volunteer@wscafm.org or visit the station’s website: portsmouthcommunityradio.org.

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Continued from “Did You Know” in April 2011 Tidings - Amy Antonucci on Composting…

Information about why composting is so important:

-Composting is the process of mixing organic yard and kitchen waste to produce nutrient-rich humus to enrich soil -According to the US EPA, compostable materials (paper products, yard trimmings, food scraps) made up over half of the 250 million tons of waste Americans sent to landfills in 2008.

-According to DenverGov.org, organic waste in plastic-lined landfills produces greenhouse gases such as methane as it slowly decomposes anaerobically (without oxygen). These greenhouse gases contribute to global warming.  By composting these waste products, you reduce the amount of greenhouse gases that America’s landfills produce.

Composting at home and at WSCA is a great habit to develop.  It is a win-win situation for you and the environment.

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WSCA “Scratchy 45′s and Beyond” Pumpkin Family Visits York Beach Pumpkin Stroll!
Pumpkin DJ Supersport and Engineer Gary Ready to go to the Pumpkin Stroll


Pumpkin DJ Supersport is ready to Rock 'n Roll!

Engineer Pumpkin Gary Keeps An Ear On Supersport

Engineer Pumpkin Gary Keeps An Ear On Supersport

Pumpkin Engineer Gary, Pumpkin DJ Supersport and "Friend"

Going "Live" from the Pumpkin Stroll at York Beach!

Pumpkins Gary and DJ Supersport Had WSCA's Back Covered At The Pumpkin Stroll!

John (Supersport), host of “Scratchy 45′s and Beyond” heard Saturdays from 4 to 6 pm, along with his wife and sister entered a very unique Pumpkin Exhibit in October 16th’s York Beach Pumpkin Stroll. Their “WSCA Pumpkin Family” was a big hit and resulted in a great promotional event for WSCA! 

Supersport gives most of the credit for the “WSCA Pumpkin Family” design and construction to Mrs. Supersport and her sister, with Mr. Supersport supplying the pumpkins!  
It is creativity, talent, and enthusiasm like this that certainly goes “above and beyond” in being an excellent volunteer at Portsmouth Community Radio!   Thank you Supersport family and your Pumpkin friends!  



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Seniors Magazine - June 2013 Schedule - Host Finn Connell - Please Note: New Time Begins Tuesday -June 4th - 10 AM - NOON

June 2013 Seniors Mag_pg1

Seniors Magazine June 2013 Pg 2

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Radiogazette - This Friday’s Show Schedule - 9-10 AM - Host: Ann Haggart


On Friday’s show:

Roger Wood Reports on the latest developments in the York Cliff Walk saga

Pat Moody has the AAA Fuel Gauge Report – prices are going higher again

The Clipper Sports Report is on tap

We revisit maximizing your social security benefits with Mark Berube during Smart Money Solutions

Purrcy the Maine Coon cat visits Talk to the Animals

The Portsmouth Herald’s Chuck McMahon and I discuss the latest downtown hotel development

And in our second half hour:

Let’s Get to Work! Executive coach Ruth Mott continues with 23 year old Sam

Kenneth Feinberg
is in the news again—this time he is called on to administer the Boston One Fund.  I interviewed lawyer Feinberg during his administration of the BP Oil Spill fund.  We’ll hear his take on the job he has been called to do, many times over, including for the 911 fund

The Vegetable Garden Doctor is on deck — on his deck that is, along with his cold frame filled with hot weather vegetables

And we end our show with an essay I’ve written titled An Appetizer

Enjoy the show!

Ann G. Haggart, Director of News and Public Affairs
host: *Radiogazette* Fridays at 9AM
Portsmouth NH Community Radio  106.1 FM
live streaming at *portsmouthcommunityradio.org*
archived at

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Science Cafe’ - Upcoming Event - Wednesday May 15th -

Seacoast Science Cafe Presents    

The Science of Beer

Wednesday, May 15th
Doors open at 5 p.m., Discussion starts at 6 p.m. 

Portsmouth Brewery’s Jimmy LaPanza Lounge 

The Science of Beer, led by Steve Parkes, is the topic of the next Science Cafe at the Portsmouth Brewery Wednesday, May 8, 2013, at 6 p.m. Doors will open at 5 p.m. for food and drinks.

As the Owner and Lead Instructor of the American Brewers Guild, Steve Parkes has been training aspiring and current craft brewers in the science and engineering of brewing since 1997.  A UK native and graduate of the prestigious International Centre for Brewing and Distilling at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, Mr. Parkes has overseen successful breweries on both sides of the Atlantic, including his current venture, Drop In Brewing Company in Middlebury, VT, which also servers as the Guild’s teaching facility.  In 2009, Steve was awarded one of the highest honors in the craft brewing industry, the Russell Scherer Award for Innovation in Craft Brewing.

Portsmouth’s Community Radio, WSCA 106.1 FM, records each event for replay on The Environmental Show, Tuesdays 9-10 a.m. The Warmer Water, Riskier Coasts discussion will be broadcast May 21, 2013.  The Science of Beer will be broadcast May 28, 2013. Podcasts are archived on the web at http://nhepscor.org/sciencecafe.

For further questions or to be added to a mailing list regarding future events and broadcasts, contact: Evelyn Jones NH EPSCoR at (603) 862-1804 or Evelyn.Jones@unh.edu or JT Thompson of the Portsmouth Brewery at jt@smuttynose.com

The Portsmouth Science Café provides a unique chance for members of the public to learn about and discuss issues in contemporary science from scientists in the relaxed atmosphere of a pub. The Science Café is free and open to all.

Don’t live on the seacoast? Check out the other science cafes in New Hampshire: 

Science Cafe NH, Nashua  

Science Pubs at Salt hill, Lebanon 

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“Under the Radar - Big Band Mondays” - June 3rd - 8-10 pm - with Steve - Celebrating Cole Porter’s Birthday- June 9, 1891 -

Big Band copy

He is a song writer extraordinaire. Some 900 songs are attributed to him. His estate continues to earn in excess of $3million per year.  Do the songs “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” “Night and Day” and even “Don’t Fence Me In” … sound familiar?  They were all written by the featured artist on my June 3rd show. So turn your dial to WSCA 106.1 FM on Monday June 3rd and listen in at 8 PM for the next Under the Radar Big Band Mondays show to hear the Big Band Era versions of this month’s featured artist, the great songwriter Cole Porter.

During this annual event Steve will be utilizing many vocal artists who performed songs by Mr. Porter, during the Big Band era. You’ll also hear different versions of Porter classics and Big Band versions not normally heard on the airwaves, as Steve celebrates Mr. Porter’s birthday.Cole-Porter-Wrote-Music-and

As usual, Steve will give you the big band tidbits from the Palomar Big Band Chronology web site. The Palomar is an interactive, member-driven blog for those who love to talk about the BIG BANDS and the Swing Era. You’ll hear the factoids and listen to the music concerning the BIG BAND history for month of June.

So, by all means, listen to ‘Under the Radar” with Steve when the first Monday of the month comes around.  Get ready to “jump’n jive” to Goodman, Shaw, Miller, Martin, Kenton, and Hampton with the Seacoast’s only true Big Band show with Steve.

If you like BIG BANDS, swing music, horns and plenty of them, then by all means listen to ‘Under the Radar-BIG BAND Mondays’ the first Monday of each month, from 8:00 to 10:00 PM, on WSCA 106.1 FM or on the web at http://www.wscafm.org  and if you have a mobile device… get the TuneIn App and search “WSCA” and listen!

Don’t forget if you have a BIG BAND request of any kind or just want to chat you can e-mail Steve and the “Under the Radar-BIG BAND Show” at wscautr@yahoo.com.



And remember, as Steve says, “He loves you madly”………………….

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Special Spring Membership Drive “Fill Program” - Wednesday - May 8th - 10 am to 1 pm - with Finn Connell, Host of Seniors Magzine

On Wednesday from 10 am to 1pm , Finn Connell wJohn Page_Music Director_PSOill host a special “Fill Program”  with pieces from the  Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra.  Dorothy Braker,  lead cellist,  is picking the music and is going to be talking about the music as well.  Director/Conductor John Page will be giving a brief history and discussing future plans that include the goal of having Classical music once again played on WSCA.Dorothy_Braker_Cellist_PSO

Wednesday - May 8th  10 am to 1 pm on Portsmouth Community Radio.  Listen locally at 106.1 fm ,  streaming live at www.wscafm.org, or on your mobile device using the “TuneIn” App.


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Spring 2013 Membership Fund Drive Photos

Photos 1-4 -  Courtesy of Ann Haggart

Tom Kozikowski and Ruth Mott start off the membership Drive Friday morning on Radiogazette

#1 Tom Kozikowski and Ruth Mott start off the membership Drive Friday morning on Radiogazette


Uncle Phil takes up the reins at 10 Friday morning

#2  Uncle Phil takes up the reins at 10 Friday morning


Tim Stone donates blood Friday afternoon at the Red Cross-WSCA Blood Drive

# 3  Tim Stone donates blood Friday afternoon at the Red Cross-WSCA Blood Drive.


Remote crew at the Blood Drive  Darryl Mundo, Deb Benedict, Meg Middleton

#4  Remote crew at the Blood Drive Darryl Mundo, Deb Benedict, Meg Middleton

Photos #5 - 10 Courtesy of Lou “Spindoctor” Spinnazola

Color Radio - May 4, 2013 - Scratchy45s & Beyond - Spring Fund Drive

#5  Color Radio - May 4, 2013 - Scratchy45s & Beyond - Spring Fund Drive


The Spindoctor (foreground) and Supersport - 05/04/13 - Color Radio - Fund Drive Show

#6 The Spindoctor (foreground) and Supersport - 05/04/13 - Co-Hosts of Color Radio - Fund Drive Show


# 7 Supersport models THE T-Shirt  for Color Radio on 5/4/13

# 7 Supersport models THE OFFICIAL T-Shirt for Color Radio on 5/4/13


#8. Jeannie Daniels (The Jeannie Daniels Band) stops in for a visit during Color Radio - 5/4/13

#8. Jeannie Daniels (The Jeannie Daniels Band) stops in for a visit during Color Radio - 5/4/13


#9 JoAnn Paradis does a stint as co-host on Color Radio 5/4/13

#9 JoAnn Paradis  (Women Plus)  does a stint as co-host on Color Radio 5/4/13


#10 Supersport at the console... Color Radio - Scratchy45s and Beyond - Fund Drive Show - 5/4/13

#10 Supersport at the console… Color Radio - Scratchy45s and Beyond - Fund Drive Show - 5/4/13

Photos 11 - 13 Courtesy of Ann Haggart


Jeanne Daniels pitches for new members

11.  Jeanne Daniels pitches for new members


Anita makes sure that the scripts are just right

12.  Anita makes sure that the scripts are just right


Jean checks  on-line for new members

13.  Jean checks on-line for new members





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Radiogazette - Spring Fund Drive Show - Friday - May 3rd - 9 to 10 AM - Be Sure To Tune In and Call In Your Pledge!

On Friday’s show  9-10AM:

Roger Wood Reports on a forum held this week on the environmental needs of Great BayRadiogazette_AnnHaggart

Pat Moody presents the AAA Fuel Gauge Report

Tom Kozikowski and the PHS Pep Band give us the Clipper Sports Report

Mark Berube calls in with Smart Money Solutions — we’ll be discussing how to maximize your social security benefits

Film critic Leah Gage reviews Disney’s film Frankenweenie

And in our second half hour:

Tom’s back with a second Clipper Sports Report

Let’s Get to Work!  continues with a new client for Ruth to coach

We welcome back Master Gardner Tom Mickey – Tom tells us why we won’t be planting impatiens this year

And we end our show with an essay written and read by local writer Susan Ferber. Susan takes us back to our youth with Lessons from Twilight

It’s Pledge Week- listen for a special premium gift from The Music Hall!
Enjoy the show!

Ann G. Haggart, Director of News and Public Affairs
host: *Radiogazette* Fridays at 9AM
Portsmouth NH Community Radio  106.1 FM
live streaming at http://www.portsmouthcommunityradio.org
archived at

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Stay Tuned Live with Shawn Henderson - Friday - May 3rd - 4 pm - Special Guest Live In-Studio - Charlie Mcgee!

Shawn HendersonPOSTER_stay_tuned-200x300CMgeeShawn Henderson (photo far left), the host of Stay Tuned Live will welcome the
Permaculture Troubadour himself… Charlie McGee live in the studio
on Friday, May 3rd starting at 4 pm.

Charlie (bottom photo) will perform live in concert at the Kittery Community Center Star Theatre on Saturday, May 4th.  See details  about the concert on our main webpage at www.wscafm.org.

Tickets are available online at www.kitterycommunitycenter.org/star-theatre  or in person at Portsmouth Community Radio - Suite 1 - 909 Islington St.  Portsmouth, NH.
Phone: 603-430-9722.   Tickets in advance are $10…  $15 at the door.  Children under 12 with a ticket are admitted free!

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“Scratchy 45s & Beyond” becomes “Color Radio” - May 4th - 9 am to Noon - WSCA 2013 Spring Membership Fund Drive Show!

Retro-Good-Guys-Graphic-pngBrighten-Up-Color-Radio-02 On Saturday, May 4 starting at 9 AM (ET) “Scratchy 45s & Beyond” becomes “Color Radio” during the WSCA 2013 Spring Membership Fund Drive.  Join Color-Radio-01dSupersport, Spindoctor, Jo Ann & a Darryl for a fun-filled show of music, chatter and…It’s all in fun for your Pledge $$$ to support non-profit local community radio.  Please call in during the show and make a pledge at (603) 430-WSCA.  And Thank You for your support in advance.  We are 106.1 FM ~ WSCA and wscafm.org.

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This and That with Anita - Pledge Drive Show - Thursday - May 9th - 3-5 PM - See Details Below - Please Pledge
Todd Bonita

Todd Bonita

Jeannie Daniels Band Jeannie - Front Center

Jeannie Daniels Band
Jeannie - Front Center


During the pledge drive for Thursday May 9th my pitch partners will be Todd Bonita (Artist) for the first hour and Jeannie Daniels (Musician)  for the duration from 3-5 pm.  We will be playing songs about mother’s in honor of Mothers Day which is May 12th.

Also… On Wednesday - May 8th from 8-10 am, Anita will be co-hosting a special Pledge Drive Otis Fill-In show with Nikki (Navigator Mix).  This show will feature music by local musicians.

Call 603-430-9722, Go online to www.wscafm.org, or stop in to Suite 1 at 909 Islington St. in Portsmouth to make your pledge to keep Portsmouth Community Radio on-the-air.  Please… and Thank You!

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