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    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - April 19th - Host: John Lovering - Featured Shows: Gunsmoke - Two Episodes / The Cisco Kid / Jeff Regan, Investigator
    April 18th, 2011

    Tonight we begin with two back to back episodes of the best Western ever heard on radio… Gunsmoke, starring William Conrad (above photo) .  First up will be a June 23rd, 1957 episode called “Home Surgery.”   Next, from July 7th, 1957, “Word of Honor.”

    Gunsmoke, created by Norman MacDonnell prided itself in crisp, well-written scripts, authentic sound effects, outstanding music, and of course incredible acting.   Parley Baer  is “Chester,”  Georgia Ellis plays “Miss Kitty,”  and Howard McNear is “Doc.”  The setting is Dodge City, Kansas in the 1870′s.  

    Gunsmoke was heard on radio form 1952 to 1961 producing 413 episodes.   The TV version ran from 1955 to 1975 with 635 episodes, the longest running television series to date.  There is a reason this program was so popular…listen in and find out why!

    Jack Mather as "The Cisco Kid"

    Next,  in tonight’s episode,  Jack Mather stars as The Cisco Kid and Harry Lang plays his sidekick Pancho.  The series, called a “juvenile Western adventure series” ran from 1942 to 1956 with over 600 radio episodes aired.  Other actors played Cisco and Pancho at different times, but Mather and Lang were the longest running stars of the series.

    Tonight’s show is entitled “The Divining Rod of Michael O’Flaherty” and was originally broadcast on the Mutual Network in March of 1955.

    It’s a fun show, combining action, adventure, romance, and humor.  This program had many toy spinoffs including lunch boxes, toy gun and holster sets, collecting cards, and more!   Many of these items are worth quite a bit of money in today’s market.  Check your attics… there may be a goldmine of  ”Cisco” memorabilia up there!

    Jack Webb stars in the precursor to Dragnet, as he plays a private detective… a private eye… for a business man known as Anthony Lyons (played by Marvin Miller).   Jack Webb’s character is called Jeff Regan and he calls himself the “Lyon’s Eye” on Jeff Regan, Investigator.

    In this series, if you listen to Webb’s delivery of lines, the cadence, the monotone… you can almost hear Sgt. Friday from Dragnet.  It is as if he was trying to develop the character that would eventually be his signature character in radio and television.

    Tonight’s episode is entitled “The Lady with the Golden Hair” and is from July 31st, 1948.   This show is very well written and acted and features a veteran ensemble cast.  It is well worth hearing again or for the first time!

    Join host, John Lovering , for a couple of hours of classic old time radio programming tonight and every Tuesday from 6 to 8 pm.

    You can listen locally at 106.1 fm or streaming live online at and click on “Listen Now” at the top of the page.

    For more information about Audio Theatre and our Audio Theatre Players:

    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - March 15th - 6-8 PM - Host: John Lovering - “Escape- The Fall of the House of Usher” / “Quiet Please - The Evening and the Morning” / “Gunsmoke - Custer” / Superman - Emerald of the Inc
    March 14th, 2011

    Escape  presents Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale “The Fall of the House of Usher” (originally broadcast October 22, 1947) Poe uses the concept of death and Roderick’s deteriorating mental condition in order to give a sense of foreboding and mystery to the story. It is this premonition of something dreadful to come which surrounds the characters of Roderick and Madeline Usher as the story progresses to its frightful end.

    Ernest Chappell returns as the narrator-storyteller in another episode of the fantasy-horror series Quiet Please.  Tonight you will hear “The Evening and the Morning” (originally broadcast November 14, 1948).  This particular episode has been designated by many critics to be one of the top 10 episodes of the Quiet Please series.

    William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon with Parley Baer as Chester lead an excellent ensemble cast in this “cadillac” of all Westerns - Gunsmoke.  Fine acting and excellent scripts, sound effects, and music make Gunsmoke the best Western ever heard on radio.   Tonight’s episode from September 22, 1957 is entitled “Custer,”  and had a very unique twist at the conclusion of the story.  Don’t miss it.


    Clayton “Bud” Collyer is both “the man of steel” and ” Clark Kent, a mile mannered reporter” in The Adventures of Superman.  Tonight you will hear Part 2 of “The Emerald of the Incas.”

    Join host John Lovering locally at 106.1 FM or streaming online at and click on “Listen Now” at the top of the page.

    More information about tonight’s show and Portsmouth Community Radio Audio Theatre can be found here:

    Want information about joining our Audio Theatre players?… Looking for actors… with or without experience;  a keyboardist  who can play ambient as well as intro and outro music for live productions: email:



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