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    Pawsitive Thoughts - Friday - April 15th - 6 to 7 PM - Host: Jean Proulx - Special Guest: Dr. David E. Guggenheim, The Ocean Doctor.
    April 14th, 2011

    Tonight, on Pawsitive Thoughts,  host Jean Proulx will welcome Dr. David E. Guggenheim (photo)  via phone.   Dr. Guggenheim is a world renown scientist and explorer who is very much involved in the conservation movement.

    Dr. David E. Guggenheim is an ocean explorer, submarine pilot, marine biologist, and conservation policy expert based in Washington, DC. His programs offer captivating adventures from the most mysterious parts of our planet…thousands of feet below the surface. He is an accomplished speaker, entertaining and educating audiences ranging from small groups of students to audiences of 1,000 or more. Dr. Guggenheim provides a unique perspective as both a scientist and a Washington, DC-based policy expert focused on today’s most important conservation issues.

    Don’t miss this very special Pawsitive Thoughts edition on Friday - April 15th from 6 to 7 pm - listen locally at 106.1 FM or streaming live online at and click on “listen now” at the top of the page.