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    Stage Door - February 18 - 8-10 AM Host: April Steier - Guests: 9-10 AM - Dan Stowell and Kaitlyn Huwe from Player’s Ring “12 Angry Men”
    February 16th, 2012


    This Saturday February 18th 9AM to 10AM on Stage Door,  host April Steier will be conducting a live interview with directors Dan Stowell and Kaitlyn Huwe from the upcoming Player’s Ring production of 12 Angry Men.  12 Angry Men is a dramatic play written by Reginald Rose which is a blistering character study of the American melting pot and the judicial system that is supposed to keep it in check.  12 Angry Men at the Player’s Ring features an ensemble of the Seacoast area’s best actors, you can see there performances February 17 - March 4.


    Please listen from 9AM to 10AM to support this timeless play - Stage Door Radio Show continues to bring your interviews and features about exciting local theater

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    Stage Door - Saturday - February 11th - 8 - 10 AM - Host: April Steier - Guests: Cast Members from Back Alley Production’s “The Vagina Monologues”
    February 9th, 2012


    This Saturday February 11th 9AM to 10AM on Stage Door,  host April Steier will be conducting a live interview with cast members from the Back Alley Production’s rendition of The Vagina Monologues which is going on at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre at the end of the month.


    This cutting edge and razor sharp show brings to life a series of monologues from woman all over the globe. This annually celebrated and fantastically touching theatre piece helps raise awareness (and funds!) for domestic abuse against woman. This show is not to be missed! VDAY 2012 comes to Portsmouth with The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, presented by Back Alley Productions. The play runs Friday-Sunday at 7pm, Feb. 17th-19th at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre (parental discretion is advised)

    Cast members will be sharing there experiences and thoughts about this V-DAY initiative and host,  April Steier will  be conducting a live quiz show with the interviewees, complete with prizes!

    Please listen in to support this truly ground breaking play.   106.1 FM Locally or streaming online at

    STAGE DOOR - Saturday - January 21st - 8-10AM - Host: April Steier - Guests: Cast Members from Player’s Ring production of “BODY”
    January 18th, 2012

     This Saturday January 21st 9AM to 10AM on Stage Door,  host April Steier will be conducting a live interview with cast members from the Player’s Ring upcoming production of BODY.

    BODY was the first original play presented by the the Players Ring in it’s premier season 1992-1993.  BODY originally opened in January of 1993, and has now been chosen as part of the ENCORE series for the Ring’s 20th anniversary celebration.  BODY is the story of three young men, societal misfits, who discover that the dead body of the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe lies in the autopsy room next to their “hangout” in the basement of a morgue in LA.

    Tune in at 9AM to find out more about this legendary play and the actors’ and director’s experiences producing this play.

    Listen live at 106.1 FM or streaming live online at and click on the “Listen Now” button at the top menu.

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    Stage Door - Saturday - Dec. 3rd - 8-10am - Host: April Mulkern - Guests: Members of the Player’s Ring “Christmas Carol” Cast
    November 30th, 2011


    This Saturday December 3rd on Stage Door 9AM - 10AM  the special guest stars are members from the upcoming Player’s Ring production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.  Director Kathleen Cavalaro takes Players’ Ring founder Gary Newton’s original adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic and updates it with a modern-day twist — retaining the magic of the traditional show, but setting it in a fun new storytelling context sure to grab the attention of today’s audiences.

    Tune in and support local theater while supporting local community radio by making your pledge during our annual membership drive so we can keep our radio station strong so I can continue to honor talented local theater artists like those from the Players Ring!


    Tags: , April Mulkern, , Christmas Carol, Player's Ring, , ,
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    Stage Door - Saturday - November 5th - 8-10 AM - Host: April Mulkern - Special Guests: Cast Member of PHS’s Production of “Beauty and the Beast”
    November 2nd, 2011


    This Saturday November 5th on my show Stage Door from 9AM-10AM,  I will be joined live in the WSCA studio with students from the Portsmouth High School Performing Arts Department performing songs from their upcoming production of “Beauty and the Beast.” After their in-studio performance, I will have an opportunity to interview these talented students.

    Please tune in and support these talented performers by attending their upcoming production of the hit musical “Beauty and the Beast” going on at the PHS Hagstrom Auditorium Thursday, Nov. 17, through Saturday, Nov. 19, at 7 p.m. with an additional show at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 20.  Check out the link below for more information.

    Tags: , April Mulkern, , Beauty and the Beast, , Portsmouth High School, , ,
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    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - November 1st - 6-8 PM - Host: John Lovering - Featured Shows: Laugh, I Thought I’d Die / The Ghost That Giggled / Figure in the Photograph / Superman
    October 30th, 2011



    Mystery House  returns with an episode entitled  “Laugh, I Thought I’d Die.”  Be part of the audience as the staff and writers of the Mystery House publishing company perform an audio adaptation of a possible novel that they will publish, depending upon the audience reaction to this production.  A unique concept makes for some very interesting stories.  Circa 1942. 


    Vincent Price returns as Simon Templar in The Saint.  Tonight’s cleverly written and superbly acted show is entitled “The Ghost that Giggled,” from September 17, 1950.  Once you hear the quality and entertainment in The Saint, you will be looking forward to the next episode.

    Brett Reid is the Green Hornet and Robert Hall is the star. Tonight’s action-packed adventure is entitled “Figure in the Photograph” from April 16, 1945.  This show was on the air for 16 years and originated from Detroit’s WXYZ radio who also produced The Lone Ranger and Sgt. Preston of the Yukon.  Join Brett and his sidekick, Kato, as they zip about town in The Green Hornet.

    We finish tonight’s show with The Adventures of Superman starring Clayton “Bud” Collyer.  Tonight is Part 2 of “The Happyland Amusement Park” adventure.  The caped crusader appears most every week on Audio Theatre…. blue tights and all!  Look!  Up in the Sky!  It’s a bird…. you know the rest!

    Join John Lovering for two hours of classic radio programming.  Sit back, relax and let your imagination paint a story that is unique to you.  The art from of audio theatre is truly fun… so give it a try from 6 to 8 pm every Tuesday on Portsmouth Community Radio Audio Theatre at 106.1 FM locally or streaming live online at and click on the “Listen Online” at the top menu.  Oh, and bring a friend to the “theatre.”

    Stage Door - Saturday - October 29th - 8-10AM - Guest Host: Robin Nitschelm - “War of the Worlds” and “Dracula” - Halloween Spectacular!
    October 26th, 2011



    This Saturday 8AM-10AM October 29th on Stage Door there will be a special Halloween inspired double header of two well known radio dramas from Orson Welles’s theatrical company Mercury Theatre.  The first will be the infamous “The War of the Worlds” radio drama which was originally aired on October 30, 1938 and reportedly caused a widespread panic since many listeners believed the story was “real.”

    The second will be the first radio drama produced by the Mercury Theatre -  Bram Stoker’s  “Dracula” which originally aired on Jul 11, 1938. Listening to these radio dramas will put you right into the Halloween spirit. Join WSCA DJ Robin Nitschelm, who is filling in for your regular host April Mulkern, for this Halloween spectacular!

    Listen locally at 106.1 FM or streaming online at  and click on “Listen Now” at top of the page.   BOOOOooooo!

    Tags: , April Mulkern, , Dracula, Orson Welles, , , , War of the Worlds, ,
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    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - October 11th - 6-8 pm - Host: John Lovering - CHECK OUT OUR NEW FEATURE - A Video Promoting This Week’s Featured Shows!
    October 9th, 2011


     Join host  John Lovering for another two hours of classic old time radio… designed to entertain and educate!  Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the best radio had to offer  from the 1940′s - 1960′s.   During the “Golden Age of Radio,” the radio was king.  Millions upon millions of Americans gathered around their radios to listen to thousands of broadcasts designed to entertain, inform, and enrich the lives of their listeners.  Radio did more to bring America together during the Great Depression and World War II than any other medium.

     More information about tonight’s show, including photos?  Visit:    Comments?  Questions?  Show Requests?  - email:

    Listen locally at 106.1 fm or streaming live online at and click on the “Listen Now” link at the top of the page.

    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - Sept. 20th - 6-8 pm - Host: John Lovering - Featured Shows: Escape / Quiet Please / CBS Radio Workshop / Superman
    September 18th, 2011

    This evening you will hear The Most Dangerous Game, an episode of Escape from October 1, 1947.  Then Quiet Please with narrator and actor, Ernest Chappell…from November 21st, 1948 in One for the Book.   Next The CBS Workshop (AKA Columbia Workshop) from May 26, 1957 features I Have Three Heads, a very unique and creative production about a talking tape recorder… really! 

    Finally you will hear episode #4 of Hans Holbin’s Doll Factory from June 15, 1940 on The Adventures of Superman starring Clayton “Bud” Collyer.


    Join host John Lovering (photo above) for two hours of classic old time radio programming…. part of the over 3000 shows in his collection…. that are not only entertaining, but educational as these programs give listeners  insite into the American culture at the time these programs were produced.

    Comments?  Questions?  Requests for Shows?  Interested in our Audio Theatre group? - email:

    Locally at 106.1 FM or Streaming online at and click on “Listen Now” at the top of the page.

    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - September 13th - 6-8 pm - Host: John Lovering - Featured Shows: “Command Performance” / Orson Welles on Danny Kaye Show / Blondie - “Circus Outing” / Superman
    September 11th, 2011



    Join Audio Theatre host,  John Lovering (photo)  as he introduces you to some of the best programming heard by millions of  listeners  during the “Golden Age of Radio”… when radio was THE source of entertainment, news, culture, and a nice piece of furniture as well, in just about every home in the United States.  Consider Portsmouth Community Radio Audio Theatre as an educational experience in the history of American culture or, if you are old enough to remember, a memory-jogger of times long ago past.  

    No matter why you listen, you will find it relaxing and enjoyable to let your imagination paint the picture of the character and events that come into your home or car  through your speaker.

    Tonight Bob Hope will host Command Performance from 1943 with special guests: Betty Hutton, Judy Garland, Lana Turner, and Jimmy Durante.  Then Orson Welles will be Danny Kaye’s guest on Danny’s show from March of 1946.  Orson Welles on a comedy variety show?  You bet… and he is very funny!  Next, Penny Singleton and Arthur Lake star as Blondie and Dagwood Bumstead in Blondie Goes on a Circus Outing from October 1948.  A little out there by today’s standards… but quite funny, you know, like the “funny papers.”  Finally The Adventures of Superman with Part III of  The Hans Holbin’s Doll Factory Adventure from June of 1940.

    It’s a great lineup.  Consider this your invitation to be part of the audience, and bring a friend.   Listen locally at 106.1 fm or streaming online at and click on “Listen Now” at the top of the page.

    Comments? Questions? Requests?:  Email    For more information and photos on Audio Theatre and tonight’s and future shows visit:

    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - September 6th - 6-8 pm - Host: John Lovering - Featured Shows: Crime Classics / Space Patrol / Jeff Regan, Investigator / Superman
    September 4th, 2011



    Join host, John Lovering, for two hours of listening enjoyment from radio programming of the past.  Tonight I will feature Crime Classics - If a Body Needs a Body, Just Call Burke and Hare” - 12/2/1953.

    Next,  Commander Buzz Corey and Cadet Happy in Space Patrol - The Sleepwalker - 1/10/1953.

    Following our Sci-Fi adventure I will play Jack Webb starring in a show that was the precursor to his signature program, Dragnet, entitled  Jeff Regan, Private Investigator - The Man Who Liked Mountains 8/7/1948.

    Finally, Clayton “Bud” Collyer stars as Clark Kent and Superman in The Adventures of Superman - Part II of the Hans Holbin’s Doll Factory adventure - June 1940.

    Comments?  Questions?  Requests?  Email:

    More information about tonight’s show including photos?:



    Stage Door - Saturday - September 3rd - 8-10 am - Host: April Mulkern - Topic: Summarizing of Theatre and Artistic Events in Portsmouth and Interviews from Portsmouth Museum of Art’s “Street AKA Museum”
    September 2nd, 2011


    On Saturday September 3rd 8AM-10AM on my show Stage Door, I will be cherishing the last of summer’s great weekends by talking about all the great end of summer theatre and artistic events going on in Portsmouth.  I will be re-broadcasting a set of interviews I did with attendees and volunteers from Portsmouth Museum of Art’s exhibition Street AKA Museum, which is finishing up its run on September 11th.

    Tune in as I will be also be playing some lively show tunes to ring out the summer in style.  Listen locally at 106.1FM or stream live online at

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