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    for‘New Releases - Jazz’ Category
    New Releases - May 2010
    May 3rd, 2010

    Artist:  Pharez Whitted

    Title:  Transient Journey

    Label: Owl Studios

    Terry’s Comments:  Whitted has channeled Freddie Hubbard perhaps better than anybody. Even more impressive is this total ensemble in an updated form of post-bop that bristles.

    Artist:  Dave Glasser

    Title:  Evolution

    Label: Here Tiz Music

    Terry’s Comments:  None of these players is a household jazz name but, wow, do they play. Alto saxist Glasser reveals influences from Hodges to Coltrane. A gem.

    Artist:  Wycliffe Gordon

    Title:  Cone and T-Staff

    Label: Criss Cross Jazz

    Terry’s Comments:  Trombonist Gordon, a multi-talented alumnus of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, joins with trumpet star Terell Stafford for a fine straightahead outing.

    Artist:  Tom Gavornik

    Title:  Tom Gavornik on the Floor

    Label: Light Action Productions

    Terry’s Comments:  Gavornik is a talented guitarist who has assembled a group and some electronics to produce this quirky set of originals.

    Artist:  Jim Pearce

    Title:  I’m in the Twilight of a Mediocre Career

    Label: Oak Avenue Publishing

    Terry’s Comments:  Pearce sings like a pianist, meaning he’s a better pianist than singer. He’s a good lyricist, too, reminding one perhaps of Frishberg. There’s also some good playing by good mainstream sideme.

    Artist:  Stanton Moore

    Title:  Groove Alchemy

    Label: self

    Terry’s Comments:  Happy, funky groove music by an organ trio, with all the repetitiveness one expects from a group like this.

    Artist:  Royce Campbell Trio Plus Phil Woods

    Title:  Movie Songs Project

    Label: Philology

    Terry’s Comments:  Though somewhat under the radar, Campbell is a fine guitarist. Woods at 79 and with emphysema still has surprising energy and, of course, his taste is very much intact.

    Artist:  Dave Holland Octet

    Title:  Pathways

    Label: Dare 2

    Terry’s Comments:  The legendary bassist and Miles Davis alumnus leads this “little big band” of eight outstanding players in an always spirited performance of originals.

    Artist:  The Rich Greenblatt Group

    Title:  Hat Trick

    Label: Brass Taco

    Terry’s Comments:  This Boston-area vibist is a player to watch. The sextet plays a modern form of jazz that’s often edgy, sometimes incorporating electronics.

    Artist:  Junior Mance

    Title:  Out South

    Label: Jun Glo Music

    Terry’s Comments:  His credentials are stunning: Bird, Lester, Hawk, Stitt, Lockjaw, among others. A modern pianist who swings with the best of them, at heart Mance may just be a soul man, whose music can be downright funky-butt. He’s with a quintet here.

    Artist:  Geri Allen

    Title:  Flying Toward the Sound

    Label: Motema Music

    Terry’s Comments:  A Brilliant artist, Allen delivers a solo piano performance, an homage to three of her inspirations: Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner and Cecil Taylor. The music is modern, abstract, edgy and always inspired.

    Artist:  Jeanie Brandes

    Title:  Kisses You Awake

    Label: self

    Terry’s Comments:  Fine band, good arrangements, great playlist… the singer? Well, you be the judge.

    Artist:  Michael Zilber

    Title:  The Billy Collins Project: eleven on turning ten

    Label: OA2

    Terry’s Comments:  Zilber has assigned himself the challenge of writing music to the free verse of Billy Collins. The result is a highly engaging jazz performance by good players and a vocalist. It’s different!

    Artist:  Harris Simon

    Title:  The Mastery of Passion

    Label: Resonance

    Terry’s Comments:  One wonders why this is being released for the first time 30 years after being recorded. Keyboardist Simon is joined by some giants of jazz in a fine outing characteristic of where jazz was moving in the late ’70s.

    Artist:  Andrew Oliver Sextet

    Title:  82% Chance of Rain

    Label: OA2

    Terry’s Comments:  Is it rock? Is it jazz? Depends on which track you listen to. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other. Sometimes it’s both—fusion! A spirited outing.

    Artist:  Dee Dee Bridgewater

    Title:  Eleanora Fagan—To Billie with Love

    Label: DDB Records

    Terry’s Comments:  Vocalist Bridgewater is joined by some jazz all-stars in this Billie Holliday tribute, in some cases updating the arrangements significantly.


    Artist: Matthew Stubbs

    Title: Medford & Main

    Label: Bella Blues


    Artist:  Rafter

    Title:Animal Feelings

    Label :: Ashmatickitty

    Style:: pop/electronic

    Artist:  Night Driving In Small Towns

    Title:Serial Killers

    Label: Lower 40

    Style:: Indie/rock

    Artist:Tallest man On Earth

    Title:The Wild Hunt

    Label: Dead Ocean

    Riyl:: Bob Dylan

    Artist:  Freelance Wheels


    Label: French kiss

    Riyl:: Death Cab For Cutie

    Artist:  Roky Erickson

    Title:True Love Cast Out All Evil w/Okkervil River

    Label: Anti

    Riyl :: The 13th Floor Elevators

    Artist:  Cary Brothers

    Title:Under Control

    Label: Pumpkin Man

    Riyl:; Bryan Adams

    Artist:; Raul Midon


    Label :: Decca

    Style:: Rock/roots/reggae

    Artist: David Byrne & Fatboy Slim

    Title: Here Lies Love

    Label: Nonesuch

    Artist: Communist Daughter

    Title: Soundtrack to The End

    Label: Grain Belt

    Artist: Mainly Lanes

    Title: Oomami

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Elliot Smith

    Title: Roman Candle

    Label: Kill Rock Stars

    Artist: Elliot Smith

    Title: Basement on the Hill

    Label: Kill Rock Stars

    Artist: Disco Biscuits

    Title: Planet Anthem

    Label: Diamond Riggs

    Artist: Voodoo Dolls

    Title:  Voodoo Dolls

    Label: Self Release


    Artist: Doug Wood

    Title: Dreamcatcher

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Nathaniel Rateliff

    Title: In Memory Of Loss

    Label: Rounder

    Artist: Jill King

    Title: Rain on Fire

    Label: Foundher Records

    Genre: Folk, Americana

    Comments: Great Female Americana, sounds like Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Sara Watkins

    Bjorn’s Comments: Great for Women Plus show, Folk Shows

    Artist: Shaun Ruyman

    Title: Luckiest Man Alive

    Label: Self

    Genre: Pop Folk

    Bjorn’s Comments:Sounds like Jack Johnson

    Artist: Laura Marling

    Title: I Speak Because I can

    Label: Astralwerks

    Indie Folk

    Bjorn’s Comments: Melancoly Folk, with some great voice and instruments.  Mood setting, sounds like Audrey Ryan. Great for Women Plus show, Folk Shows


    Artist: Marion Grace

    Title: Lying Down Looking Up

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Electric Mummy

    Title: Electric Mummy

    Label; Electric Mummy

    Riyl: Ramones/Iron Maiden

    Artist: Sheila MacDonald

    Title: This Way

    Label: Sheila MacDonald

    New Releases - March 2010
    March 26th, 2010


    Artist: Olivier Manchon
    Title: Orchestre de Chambre Miniature, Vol. 1
    Label: ObliqSound
    Terry’s Comments: A classical string quartet with guest soloists added (sax, harmonica, piano). Beautifully lyrical music, wonderful.

    Artist: New York Art Quartet
    Title: Old Stuff
    Label: Cuneiform
    Terry’s Comments: This is early (1965) free jazz. From the promoter: “The New York Art Quartet was a band that left the scene too soon. Active for barely a year and a half, the group made just two records—both prized by generations of listeners ever since. Co-leaders John Tchicai (alto sax) and Roswell Rudd (trombone), considered to be the first free-jazz trombonist, had met a year or so earlier, working with Bill Dixon and others to expand the reaches of jazz.” …

    Artist: Ahmad Jamal
    Title: A Quiet Time
    Label: Dreyfus
    Terry’s Comments: He’s back! During a 60-year career, Jamal has influenced Miles Davis, scores of pianists, and many other jazz musicians. And just listen—he’s still exploring and growing!

    Artist: Marc Pompe
    Title: Hi-Fly
    Label: Self-produced
    Terry’s Comments: Pompe is a fine jazz vocalist in the Jon Hendricks tradition. And the band gives him great support on this set of jazz standards.

    Artist: VW Brothers
    Title: Muziek
    Label: Patois
    Terry’s Comments: Two talented players take full advantage of the electronics without sacrificing their taste or creativity. Jazz for the 21st century.

    Artist: John Blake, Jr.
    Title: Motherless Child
    Label: ARC
    Terry’s Comments: Modern vocal arrangements of African-American spirituals featuring the Howard University Choir, violinist Blake, pianist Mulgrew Miller and more. An exciting recording.

    Artist: Orrin Evans
    Title: Faith in Action
    Label: Positone
    Terry’s Comments: One hears yesterday, today and tomorrow in this music—most of it composed by Bobby Watson—played by a contemporary, hard-swinging piano trio

    Artist: Sherman Irby Quartet
    Title: Live at the Otto Club
    Label: BWR
    Terry’s Comments: Irby is a fine alto saxophonist with strong credentials. This live performance in Naples, Italy, connects him and drummer Darrell Green with two very good Italian players for a varied and always hard-swinging set.

    Artist: Claudio Roditi
    Title: Simpatico
    Label: Resonance
    Terry’s Comments: Roditi brings his beautiful tone and fluid phrasing on trumpets and flugelhorn to this set of very appealing originals—mostly but not all Latin jazz.

    Artist: Joey DeFrancesco
    Title: Snapshot
    Label: High Note
    Terry’s Comments: A live performance by the organist with his original trio, a modern version of the classic organ trio, yet soulful and funky as ever.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Generation Django
    Label: Dreyful
    Terry’s Comments: Music in the manner of the great Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhart by players of today (e.g. Birelli Lagrene) and yesterday (e.g. Stephane Grapelli). A real treat!

    Artist: John Ellis & Double-Wide
    Title: Puppet Mischief
    Label: ObliqSound
    Terry’s Comments: Fun, updated New Orleans-style jazz. The instrumentation alone makes this one worth hearing. (Sousaphone???)

    Artist: Charles Apicella & Iron City
    Title: Sparks
    Label: CArlo Records
    Terry’s Comments: Organ/guitar trio with add-ons—still funky. A good listen.

    Artist: Jeffrey Leppart & the Hip Notists
    Title: They Still Live in the Music of My Thoughts
    Label: self
    Terry’s Comments: Good singing group and instrumentalists celebrating jazz and its giants. A nice experience.

    Artist: Queen Esther
    Title: What Is Love
    Label: EL Recordings
    Terry’s Comments: This singer is intense (not to mention her intonation problem). Mostly originals, some standards.

    Artist: Dave LeMieux and House of Soul
    Title: Jazz Shaped/Live at the Soiled Dove
    Label: Jazz, funk, soul, vocals, spiritual—it’s quite a mix. And LeMieux (tenor sax) can play!
    Terry’s Comments:

    Artist: Kristine Mills
    Title: Bossanovafied
    Label: self
    Terry’s Comments: Pretty good singer doing her own songs in the Brazilian style with good players.

    Artist: EEA
    Title: The Dark
    Label: Origin
    Terry’s Comments: The trio composition is piano/sax/trumpet, the music abstract and explorative.

    Artist: George Cotsirilos Trio
    Title: Past Present
    Label: OA2
    Terry’s Comments: Good, capable guitar trio with a mixed repertoire of standards and originals.

    Artist: Liam Sillery
    Title: Phenomenology
    Label: OA2
    Terry’s Comments: Trumpeter Sillery leads a classic quintet configuration in a contemporary, exploratory foray.

    Artist: Bob Sneider & Paul Hoffman
    Title: Serve and Volley
    Label: A piano (Hoffman)/guitar(Sneider) duo performance with engaging interplay and lyricism.
    Terry’s Comments:

    Artist: Scenes
    Title: Rinnova
    Label: Origin
    Terry’s Comments: A simple instrumentation (guitar trio) playing an original repertoire well.


    Artist: Razia

    Title: Zebu Nation

    Label: Cumbanca


    Artist: Various

    Title: Classic Appalachian Blues

    Label: Smithsonian Folkways

    Artist: John Scofield

    Title: Piety Street

    Label: Emarcy

    Comments: Jazz guitarist John Scofield joins Meters Bassist George Porter, Jr and other great New Orleans musicians in a lively Blues Gospel session that features both standards and original numbers


    Artist: Galatic

    Title: Ya-Ka-May

    Label: Anti

    Artist: Groove Armada

    Title: Black Light

    Label: Om Records

    Artist: Watershed

    Title: The World Needs You

    Label: EMI

    Artist: Matthew Good

    Title: Vancouver

    Label: Get Music

    Artist: Andy Elwell

    Title: No One You will ever Know

    Label: Self

    Artist: Mark Growden

    Title: Saint Judas

    Label: Porto Franco

    Artist: The Ruby Suns

    Title: Fight Softly

    Label: Sub Pop

    Artist: David Byrne

    Title Grown Backwards

    Label: Nonesuch

    Artist: Twin Tigers

    Title: Gray Waves

    Label: Old Flame

    Artist: Anjulie

    Title: Boom EP

    Label: Hear Music

    Artist: Dinosaur Feathers

    Title: Fantasy Memorial

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Univers Zero

    Title: Clivages

    Label: Cuneiform

    Artist: Algernon

    Title: Ghost Surveillance

    Label: Cuneiform


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