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    New Releases - May 2010
    May 3rd, 2010

    Artist:  Pharez Whitted

    Title:  Transient Journey

    Label: Owl Studios

    Terry’s Comments:  Whitted has channeled Freddie Hubbard perhaps better than anybody. Even more impressive is this total ensemble in an updated form of post-bop that bristles.

    Artist:  Dave Glasser

    Title:  Evolution

    Label: Here Tiz Music

    Terry’s Comments:  None of these players is a household jazz name but, wow, do they play. Alto saxist Glasser reveals influences from Hodges to Coltrane. A gem.

    Artist:  Wycliffe Gordon

    Title:  Cone and T-Staff

    Label: Criss Cross Jazz

    Terry’s Comments:  Trombonist Gordon, a multi-talented alumnus of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, joins with trumpet star Terell Stafford for a fine straightahead outing.

    Artist:  Tom Gavornik

    Title:  Tom Gavornik on the Floor

    Label: Light Action Productions

    Terry’s Comments:  Gavornik is a talented guitarist who has assembled a group and some electronics to produce this quirky set of originals.

    Artist:  Jim Pearce

    Title:  I’m in the Twilight of a Mediocre Career

    Label: Oak Avenue Publishing

    Terry’s Comments:  Pearce sings like a pianist, meaning he’s a better pianist than singer. He’s a good lyricist, too, reminding one perhaps of Frishberg. There’s also some good playing by good mainstream sideme.

    Artist:  Stanton Moore

    Title:  Groove Alchemy

    Label: self

    Terry’s Comments:  Happy, funky groove music by an organ trio, with all the repetitiveness one expects from a group like this.

    Artist:  Royce Campbell Trio Plus Phil Woods

    Title:  Movie Songs Project

    Label: Philology

    Terry’s Comments:  Though somewhat under the radar, Campbell is a fine guitarist. Woods at 79 and with emphysema still has surprising energy and, of course, his taste is very much intact.

    Artist:  Dave Holland Octet

    Title:  Pathways

    Label: Dare 2

    Terry’s Comments:  The legendary bassist and Miles Davis alumnus leads this “little big band” of eight outstanding players in an always spirited performance of originals.

    Artist:  The Rich Greenblatt Group

    Title:  Hat Trick

    Label: Brass Taco

    Terry’s Comments:  This Boston-area vibist is a player to watch. The sextet plays a modern form of jazz that’s often edgy, sometimes incorporating electronics.

    Artist:  Junior Mance

    Title:  Out South

    Label: Jun Glo Music

    Terry’s Comments:  His credentials are stunning: Bird, Lester, Hawk, Stitt, Lockjaw, among others. A modern pianist who swings with the best of them, at heart Mance may just be a soul man, whose music can be downright funky-butt. He’s with a quintet here.

    Artist:  Geri Allen

    Title:  Flying Toward the Sound

    Label: Motema Music

    Terry’s Comments:  A Brilliant artist, Allen delivers a solo piano performance, an homage to three of her inspirations: Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner and Cecil Taylor. The music is modern, abstract, edgy and always inspired.

    Artist:  Jeanie Brandes

    Title:  Kisses You Awake

    Label: self

    Terry’s Comments:  Fine band, good arrangements, great playlist… the singer? Well, you be the judge.

    Artist:  Michael Zilber

    Title:  The Billy Collins Project: eleven on turning ten

    Label: OA2

    Terry’s Comments:  Zilber has assigned himself the challenge of writing music to the free verse of Billy Collins. The result is a highly engaging jazz performance by good players and a vocalist. It’s different!

    Artist:  Harris Simon

    Title:  The Mastery of Passion

    Label: Resonance

    Terry’s Comments:  One wonders why this is being released for the first time 30 years after being recorded. Keyboardist Simon is joined by some giants of jazz in a fine outing characteristic of where jazz was moving in the late ’70s.

    Artist:  Andrew Oliver Sextet

    Title:  82% Chance of Rain

    Label: OA2

    Terry’s Comments:  Is it rock? Is it jazz? Depends on which track you listen to. Sometimes it’s one, sometimes the other. Sometimes it’s both—fusion! A spirited outing.

    Artist:  Dee Dee Bridgewater

    Title:  Eleanora Fagan—To Billie with Love

    Label: DDB Records

    Terry’s Comments:  Vocalist Bridgewater is joined by some jazz all-stars in this Billie Holliday tribute, in some cases updating the arrangements significantly.


    Artist: Matthew Stubbs

    Title: Medford & Main

    Label: Bella Blues


    Artist:  Rafter

    Title:Animal Feelings

    Label :: Ashmatickitty

    Style:: pop/electronic

    Artist:  Night Driving In Small Towns

    Title:Serial Killers

    Label: Lower 40

    Style:: Indie/rock

    Artist:Tallest man On Earth

    Title:The Wild Hunt

    Label: Dead Ocean

    Riyl:: Bob Dylan

    Artist:  Freelance Wheels


    Label: French kiss

    Riyl:: Death Cab For Cutie

    Artist:  Roky Erickson

    Title:True Love Cast Out All Evil w/Okkervil River

    Label: Anti

    Riyl :: The 13th Floor Elevators

    Artist:  Cary Brothers

    Title:Under Control

    Label: Pumpkin Man

    Riyl:; Bryan Adams

    Artist:; Raul Midon


    Label :: Decca

    Style:: Rock/roots/reggae

    Artist: David Byrne & Fatboy Slim

    Title: Here Lies Love

    Label: Nonesuch

    Artist: Communist Daughter

    Title: Soundtrack to The End

    Label: Grain Belt

    Artist: Mainly Lanes

    Title: Oomami

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Elliot Smith

    Title: Roman Candle

    Label: Kill Rock Stars

    Artist: Elliot Smith

    Title: Basement on the Hill

    Label: Kill Rock Stars

    Artist: Disco Biscuits

    Title: Planet Anthem

    Label: Diamond Riggs

    Artist: Voodoo Dolls

    Title:  Voodoo Dolls

    Label: Self Release


    Artist: Doug Wood

    Title: Dreamcatcher

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Nathaniel Rateliff

    Title: In Memory Of Loss

    Label: Rounder

    Artist: Jill King

    Title: Rain on Fire

    Label: Foundher Records

    Genre: Folk, Americana

    Comments: Great Female Americana, sounds like Indigo Girls, Lucinda Williams, Sara Watkins

    Bjorn’s Comments: Great for Women Plus show, Folk Shows

    Artist: Shaun Ruyman

    Title: Luckiest Man Alive

    Label: Self

    Genre: Pop Folk

    Bjorn’s Comments:Sounds like Jack Johnson

    Artist: Laura Marling

    Title: I Speak Because I can

    Label: Astralwerks

    Indie Folk

    Bjorn’s Comments: Melancoly Folk, with some great voice and instruments.  Mood setting, sounds like Audrey Ryan. Great for Women Plus show, Folk Shows


    Artist: Marion Grace

    Title: Lying Down Looking Up

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Electric Mummy

    Title: Electric Mummy

    Label; Electric Mummy

    Riyl: Ramones/Iron Maiden

    Artist: Sheila MacDonald

    Title: This Way

    Label: Sheila MacDonald

    New Releases - April 2010
    April 5th, 2010


    Artist: Yuko Ito
    Title: Mania De Você
    Label: Funny Baby Face
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This Japanese native sings the Brazilian repertoire—and very well. Good band, too.

    Artist: Carol Morgan Trio
    Title: Opening
    Label: Blue Bamboo Music
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: The saxophone-led chordless trio is no longer surprising—but here’s trumpet-led one. And she’s a woman. A fine, adventuresome player, sometimes joined by an alto/soprano saxophonist.

    Artist: El Movimiento
    Title: The Movement
    Label: Nueva Nota
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is a multi-cultural group, based in Nashville, playing Latin jazz. Good sound, good groove.

    Artist: Widehive Players
    Title: Widehive Players
    Label: Widehive
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Brassy funk, reminiscent of Blood, Sweat and Tears.

    Artist: Roberto Badoglio
    Title: Re-evaluation Time
    Label: Spice-Rack
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Jazz, funk, electronica—a real mix. Marty Richards’ drumming, on three tracks, helps bring it over the jazz line.

    Artist: Frank Kimbrough
    Title: Rumors
    Label: Palmetto
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Kimbrough is a well-grounded modern pianist with a penchant for taking listeners along on journeys into the unknown (or at least unexpected). He leads a trio here.

    Artist: Chris Tedesco
    Title: Living the Dream
    Label: Angel City
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is the traditional big band sound, presented by trumpeter Tedesco who has assembled 18 of the West Coast’s best studio players. Vocalist Tony Gallo is featured on several tracks.

    Artist: Nelda Swiggett
    Title: This Time
    Label: OA2
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This pianist swings authoritatively, leading a trio in a set of her own compositions.

    Artist: Hal Galper
    Title: E Pluribus Unum
    Label: OA2
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Pianist Galper has evolved from a strong post-bop pianist to a daring, contemporary artist, presenting an interactive trio in originals and standards.

    Artist: Debbie Poryes
    Title: Catch Your Breath
    Label: OA2
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Pianist Poryes leads her quartet (with saxophone) in a nice straightahead set of standards and some originals.

    Artist: Salvatore Bonafede Trio
    Title: Sicilian Opening
    Label: Jazz Eyes
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is a terrific trio album. Italian pianist Bonafede has established strong credentials in Italy and the U.S. and leads his trio with great taste and creativity.

    Artist: Michael Treni
    Title: Turnaround
    Label: self
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This contemporary 18-piece ensemble (plus strings on some tracks) includes some of today’s best players, exciting and sometimes beautiful arrangements, and lots of room for the soloists. This is the real stuff.

    Artist: John Basile
    Title: No Apologies
    Label: String Time Jazz
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: The instrumentation is classic organ/guitar/drums trio, the repertoire American Songbook and jazz standards, the interpretation about as tasty as it gets.

    Artist: Dan Dean
    Title: 251
    Label: Origin
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: This is an album of duo performances, the one constant being bassist Dean. He’s joined, over the course of the recording, by four different and renowned keyboardists.

    Artist: Mark Egan
    Title: Truth Be Told
    Label: Wavetone Records
    Terry MacDonald’s Comments: Tenor, organ, bass and drums—well, you know it’s going to be funky, and that it is. Put on your high-heeled sneakers for this one.

    Artist: Audio Cultures
    Title: Breaking the Sound Barrier
    Label: Sonic Pilot Records
    Gary Lowe’s Comments: Smooth, funky, soulful, overproduced. Slap-pop bass, cool percussion, very different.

    Artist: Gene Harris Quartet
    Title: Another Night in London
    Label: Resonance
    Gary Lowe’s Comments: Half dozen great standards done in a London bar. Very good recording; tasteful; sexy; lots of feeling.

    Artist: Claudio Roditi
    Title: Simpatico
    Label: Resonance
    Gary Lowe’s Comments: Mellow, orchestrated piano-fluglehorn swing.

    Artist: Eric Frazier Quintet
    Title: Live @ Cecil’s Jazz Club
    Label: self produced two separate volume set.
    Gary Lowe’s Comments: Great jazz band with a horrible singer. Absolutely can’t hold a tune and is on a par with Bill Murray’s lounge singing on SNL of the 1980′s. Play songs 1-5 only. Warning: latter songs may cause loudspeaker damage and need for psychological counseling.

    Artist: Dave Panico
    Title: Joy Rid’n
    Label: Soaringsaxman Records
    Gary Lowe’s Comments: B3/sax jazz that swings


    Artist: Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars
    Title: Rise & Shine
    Label: Cumbanca


    Artist: Coco Montoya
    Title: I Want It All Back
    Label: Ruf Records


    Artist: Jeff Beck
    Title: Emotion & Commotion
    Label: Atco

    Artist: Jimi Hendrix
    Title: Valleys of Neptune
    Label: Experience Hendrix/Legacy

    Artist: The New Loud
    Title: Can’t Stop the Knowing
    Label: Self Released

    Artist: Joey Ryan & The Inks
    Title: Well, Here We Are Then
    Label: Self Released

    Artist: Cedar Avenue
    Title: Someday Soon
    Label: Self Released

    Artist: Jason Masi
    Title: Balance & Pull
    Label: Self Released

    Artist: Static of the Gods
    Title: Knowledge Machine
    Label: DelVerano

    Artist: The Sextons
    Title: The Sextons
    Label: Princess

    Artist: The Besnard Lakes
    Title: The Besnard Lakes are the Roaring Night
    Label: JagJaguwar

    Artist: The White Stripes
    Title: Under the Great White Northern Lights
    Label: Third Man/WB


    Artist: Great American Taxi
    Album: Reckless Habits
    Release Date: 3/2/2010
    Style: Americana/Bluegrass/Rock
    Doug Baker’s Comments: Vince Herman of Leftover Salmon’s Americana band’s second
    studio release. If you like Graham Parsons, The Grateful Dead, or
    Leftover Salmon, you will love this album!

    Artist: Red Molly
    Title: James
    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Various
    Title: Waterbug Anthology 9
    Label: Waterbug


    Artist: Whiffletree
    Title: Harvest Fair
    Label: Self Release

    Hip Hop

    Artist: Royalty
    Title: Girl Girl (Single)
    Label: Global Identity

    Artist: Krave
    Title: Go Crazy
    Label: Upfront Megatainment

    Posted in New Releases
    New Releases - March 2010
    March 26th, 2010


    Artist: Olivier Manchon
    Title: Orchestre de Chambre Miniature, Vol. 1
    Label: ObliqSound
    Terry’s Comments: A classical string quartet with guest soloists added (sax, harmonica, piano). Beautifully lyrical music, wonderful.

    Artist: New York Art Quartet
    Title: Old Stuff
    Label: Cuneiform
    Terry’s Comments: This is early (1965) free jazz. From the promoter: “The New York Art Quartet was a band that left the scene too soon. Active for barely a year and a half, the group made just two records—both prized by generations of listeners ever since. Co-leaders John Tchicai (alto sax) and Roswell Rudd (trombone), considered to be the first free-jazz trombonist, had met a year or so earlier, working with Bill Dixon and others to expand the reaches of jazz.” …

    Artist: Ahmad Jamal
    Title: A Quiet Time
    Label: Dreyfus
    Terry’s Comments: He’s back! During a 60-year career, Jamal has influenced Miles Davis, scores of pianists, and many other jazz musicians. And just listen—he’s still exploring and growing!

    Artist: Marc Pompe
    Title: Hi-Fly
    Label: Self-produced
    Terry’s Comments: Pompe is a fine jazz vocalist in the Jon Hendricks tradition. And the band gives him great support on this set of jazz standards.

    Artist: VW Brothers
    Title: Muziek
    Label: Patois
    Terry’s Comments: Two talented players take full advantage of the electronics without sacrificing their taste or creativity. Jazz for the 21st century.

    Artist: John Blake, Jr.
    Title: Motherless Child
    Label: ARC
    Terry’s Comments: Modern vocal arrangements of African-American spirituals featuring the Howard University Choir, violinist Blake, pianist Mulgrew Miller and more. An exciting recording.

    Artist: Orrin Evans
    Title: Faith in Action
    Label: Positone
    Terry’s Comments: One hears yesterday, today and tomorrow in this music—most of it composed by Bobby Watson—played by a contemporary, hard-swinging piano trio

    Artist: Sherman Irby Quartet
    Title: Live at the Otto Club
    Label: BWR
    Terry’s Comments: Irby is a fine alto saxophonist with strong credentials. This live performance in Naples, Italy, connects him and drummer Darrell Green with two very good Italian players for a varied and always hard-swinging set.

    Artist: Claudio Roditi
    Title: Simpatico
    Label: Resonance
    Terry’s Comments: Roditi brings his beautiful tone and fluid phrasing on trumpets and flugelhorn to this set of very appealing originals—mostly but not all Latin jazz.

    Artist: Joey DeFrancesco
    Title: Snapshot
    Label: High Note
    Terry’s Comments: A live performance by the organist with his original trio, a modern version of the classic organ trio, yet soulful and funky as ever.

    Artist: Various Artists
    Title: Generation Django
    Label: Dreyful
    Terry’s Comments: Music in the manner of the great Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhart by players of today (e.g. Birelli Lagrene) and yesterday (e.g. Stephane Grapelli). A real treat!

    Artist: John Ellis & Double-Wide
    Title: Puppet Mischief
    Label: ObliqSound
    Terry’s Comments: Fun, updated New Orleans-style jazz. The instrumentation alone makes this one worth hearing. (Sousaphone???)

    Artist: Charles Apicella & Iron City
    Title: Sparks
    Label: CArlo Records
    Terry’s Comments: Organ/guitar trio with add-ons—still funky. A good listen.

    Artist: Jeffrey Leppart & the Hip Notists
    Title: They Still Live in the Music of My Thoughts
    Label: self
    Terry’s Comments: Good singing group and instrumentalists celebrating jazz and its giants. A nice experience.

    Artist: Queen Esther
    Title: What Is Love
    Label: EL Recordings
    Terry’s Comments: This singer is intense (not to mention her intonation problem). Mostly originals, some standards.

    Artist: Dave LeMieux and House of Soul
    Title: Jazz Shaped/Live at the Soiled Dove
    Label: Jazz, funk, soul, vocals, spiritual—it’s quite a mix. And LeMieux (tenor sax) can play!
    Terry’s Comments:

    Artist: Kristine Mills
    Title: Bossanovafied
    Label: self
    Terry’s Comments: Pretty good singer doing her own songs in the Brazilian style with good players.

    Artist: EEA
    Title: The Dark
    Label: Origin
    Terry’s Comments: The trio composition is piano/sax/trumpet, the music abstract and explorative.

    Artist: George Cotsirilos Trio
    Title: Past Present
    Label: OA2
    Terry’s Comments: Good, capable guitar trio with a mixed repertoire of standards and originals.

    Artist: Liam Sillery
    Title: Phenomenology
    Label: OA2
    Terry’s Comments: Trumpeter Sillery leads a classic quintet configuration in a contemporary, exploratory foray.

    Artist: Bob Sneider & Paul Hoffman
    Title: Serve and Volley
    Label: A piano (Hoffman)/guitar(Sneider) duo performance with engaging interplay and lyricism.
    Terry’s Comments:

    Artist: Scenes
    Title: Rinnova
    Label: Origin
    Terry’s Comments: A simple instrumentation (guitar trio) playing an original repertoire well.


    Artist: Razia

    Title: Zebu Nation

    Label: Cumbanca


    Artist: Various

    Title: Classic Appalachian Blues

    Label: Smithsonian Folkways

    Artist: John Scofield

    Title: Piety Street

    Label: Emarcy

    Comments: Jazz guitarist John Scofield joins Meters Bassist George Porter, Jr and other great New Orleans musicians in a lively Blues Gospel session that features both standards and original numbers


    Artist: Galatic

    Title: Ya-Ka-May

    Label: Anti

    Artist: Groove Armada

    Title: Black Light

    Label: Om Records

    Artist: Watershed

    Title: The World Needs You

    Label: EMI

    Artist: Matthew Good

    Title: Vancouver

    Label: Get Music

    Artist: Andy Elwell

    Title: No One You will ever Know

    Label: Self

    Artist: Mark Growden

    Title: Saint Judas

    Label: Porto Franco

    Artist: The Ruby Suns

    Title: Fight Softly

    Label: Sub Pop

    Artist: David Byrne

    Title Grown Backwards

    Label: Nonesuch

    Artist: Twin Tigers

    Title: Gray Waves

    Label: Old Flame

    Artist: Anjulie

    Title: Boom EP

    Label: Hear Music

    Artist: Dinosaur Feathers

    Title: Fantasy Memorial

    Label: Self Release

    Artist: Univers Zero

    Title: Clivages

    Label: Cuneiform

    Artist: Algernon

    Title: Ghost Surveillance

    Label: Cuneiform


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