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    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - September 28th - 6 to 8 pm - Americana Theme - Featured Shows: Lum ‘n Abner / Down Our Way / Duffy’s Tavern
    September 28, 2010

    This is a rather obscure old time radio show from the early 1930′s that zeroed in on the simple life so common in many American small towns.

    Eli Jenkins is the show’s main character. He is the town’s grocer and when anyone in town is having trouble, they go to Eli. 

    Jenny, Eli’s wife,  is a great cook as is evidenced by the fact that Eli has put on a lot of weight since marrying Jenny.

    This series shows listeners both the up and somewhat down sides of living in a small rural town.  The show has lots of small town politics that can focus on everything from who is the best horseshoe player in town to the hurt feelings over who might have won the pie contest at the local fair.

    Down Our Way features a weekly segment of choir music woven into the plot as the local choir regularly gathers at Eli’s grocery store for their rehearsals.

    Chester Lauck as Columbus “Lum” Edwards and Norris Goff as Abner Peabody are the stars of “Lum ‘n Abner.”  Coming to you from the “Jot ‘em Down Country Store, Library, and Museum” in Pine Ridge, Arkansa… this wildly popular series brings hillbilly Americana to life from the 1930′s through the 1940′s.  

    Lum ‘n Abner is a wonderfully warm and humorous series loaded with pure down home folks.   Tonight’s episodes include: Phinus Takes Waves Prisoner - When Lum’s father mistakes a group of  U. S. Navy Waves as Yankee soldiers from the Civil War trying to invade Pine Ridge, he immediately defends his territory… he is afterall, a Civil War veteran!   Next, the 50th Wedding Anniversary finds everyone in Pine Ridge about to celebrate the big occasion!

    These shows were originally broadcast on May 29th and 30th in 1944.  They are 15 minute episodes.

    Ed Gardner stars as “Archie the bartender” at “Duffy’s Tavern” … the best tavern on Third Avenue in NYC!   Tonight Archie Runs for Political Office in a show originally broadcast on February 2, 1951.   Don’t miss the radio version of “Archie Bunker’s Place” created by Norman Lear but based on the radio program, Duffy’s Tavern.

    You will find the malapropisms and laughs are very plentiful!

    Clayton “Bud” Collyer stars as the man of steel from the planet Krypton, aka Superman in The Adventures of Superman!
    Tonight, Episode 15 from March 15, 1940 entitled “Left to be Killed!”   Look, up in the sky… it’s SUPERMAN!

    Join host, John Lovering, as he shares his passion for Audio Theatre.  Take a break and enjoy part of the American Culture that was from a simpler time, yet, certainly influenced who and what we are as a nation today.   Many of the classic radio shows reflect the culture and politics of the time they were aired, so in a way, listening to Audio Theatre on Portsmouth Community Radio is not only entertaining, but a history lesson!  

    Listen locally at 106.1 fm or Streaming online at and click on “Listen Now”

    More information about Audio Theatre and our own Audio Theatre players can be found at :

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