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    The Free Speech Zone - Sunday - July 4th - 7 to 8 pm - with dj Big Brother
    July 1, 2010


    Tune in to The Free Speech Zone tonight at 7 pm to hear a June 16th Bonnie Faulkner/Guns and Butter interview with Dr. Michael Hudson titled: Europe’s Financial Class War Against Labor, Industry and Government. Dr. Hudson says the economic crisis in Europe was largely created by predatory lending and the European Central Bank’s stranglehold on the Eurozone. He also discusses how foreign banks have decimated Greece’s social structure; the Latvian plan as a model for the rest of Europe; Marx’s industrial capital versus fictitious capital; the Cold War and its ruinous effect on progressive economic thought. Some history behind our current economic situation.

    On WSCA-LP 106.1 FM - Portsmouth Community Radio (streaming via for those outside the broadcast signal limits) 

    Then stay tuned for some great music on Lives In The Balance from 8 to 9 pm.  

    Kind regards,  Brad  aka dj Big Brother

    “The people, unfortunately, are still very ignorant,
    and are kept in ignorance by the systematic efforts
    of all the governments, who consider this ignorance,
    not without good reason, as one of the essential
    conditions of their own power.”  ~ Mikhail Bakunin  1871
    The Free Speech Zone   with dj Big Brother
              glimpses of sanity and truth
                     Sundays  7:00-8:00 pm
       WSCA-LP   106.1 FM
    Lives In The Balance: songs of social and political import
        that you won’t hear on brain-dead corporate radio
                           with   dj  Big Brother                              
    Sundays  8:00-9:00 pm  WSCA-LP  106.1 FM
    “Do the best that you can in the place where you are and be kind”
    ~ Scott Nearing


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