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    PAWsitive Thoughts - March 8th - Thursday - 2-3 pm - Host: Jean Proulx - Guest: Author Layne Case from Barrington, NH - Author of “Charlie” Books
    March 6, 2012

    Jean’s special guest will be Author Layne Case from Barrington, NH.

    In Layne’s words..

    “Yes, my main character is “Charlie”, a dog who is different from other dogs.  He has a three foot tail.  In the first book, his tail gets him in trouble so he decides to run away from home because he’s feeling unloved and unwanted.  My message…how our feelings and emotions affect our decisions and that being different is okay.

    In the sequels (“Charlie and His New Friend” and “Charlie and His Neighbor”), Charlie’s tail (his difference) will always do something positive.  My message…our differences are to be celebrated and can influence our lives in a positive way.  The next two books that are in draft form are “Charlie and the School Bully”, (this is from the perspective of the bystander), and “Charlie and His Lost Friend” (addresses abandonment issues). ”

    “Author Layne Case is from Barrington, NH. Her first children’s book “Charlie” was written during the early 1970’s while working towards her Bachelors Degree in Behavioral Science. She has also been writing poetry since 1983 and always planned to publish them one day.

    Layne started AMITY Publications in 2007 when she decided to publish her poetry and children’s book. That was the beginning of her career as a published author. And, that is what started her on her journey as a child advocate.

    Layne’s first edition of “Inspirations from My Family & Friends” and “Charlie” were released in June 2007. She designed a literacy program that would hold the attention of the children with whom she would be sharing her story. So, she created large poster board size illustrations to help tell them about “Charlie”.

    In 2009, “Charlie and His New Friend” was released when Layne and Pat Sciacca, the original illustrator of “Charlie” and Layne’s sister, collaborated once again after 35 years.



    In 2011, “Charlie and His Neighbor“    was released.  In this third book, Charlie befriends little Meezer, a Siamese kitten, who is “different” from his siblings.  And, he can’t seem to stay focused.

    Each book was written to help children understand that our differences is what makes us who we are and should be celebrated.  Charlie will always use his “tail” which is what makes him different, to do something positive.


    Layne designed her literacy program “Read Up! Write On! Literacy Rules!” for schools and child care centers as a way of keeping literacy at the top of the list of what is most important in our educational system. Her theme “Celebrating Our Differences” was developed as she became more and more immersed in the world of Autism, becoming a representative for Future Horizons, the world leading publishers of resources for autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. And, with bullying. reaching epidemic proportions because of people being “different”, this confirmed that her program was of the utmost importance now more than ever.


    Layne has years of teaching experience in many different environments. She has taught children in the traditional school setting classroom as well as in her health care facility, offering skill building “Gymboree” exercise programs. She also taught adult health & fitness programs, marketing and motivational workshops. One of her most rewarding experiences was teaching computer courses which she designed for inmates at the Strafford Country Jail in Dover, NH. It was here that she knew she could make a difference.

    Be sure to tune in and listen to this most interesting guest on PAWsitive Thoughts… 2 to 3 pm - on March 8th.



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