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    Audio Theatre - Tuesday - August 16th - 6-8 pm - Host: John Lovering / Featured Shows: “CBS - You Are There - The Listening Years” / Crime Classics - “The Killing Story of William Corder and the Farmer’s Daughter” // Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show -”Health Food Diet” // Superman!
    August 14, 2011

    CBS Radio’s acclaimed series that took listeners back to historic events.  Using popular news commentators, historic events were recreated as if the listener was teleported back in time and the event is being reported as if it were taking place in the present.

    Tonight’s show is a compilation show featuring excerpts from some of the most famous events in history as “reported” on CBS radio and “You Are There!”.   Entertaining AND Educational   Original  Air Date: 11/6/47

    Elliot Lewis is the host and narrator of this excellent series that brought the listeners back to some of the most famous crimes ever committed.  The scripts were well-researched and historically accurate in every way.  The sound effects and music reflect the period in which the crime of the evening took place.

    Tonight’s Show: The Killing Story of William Corder and the Farmer’s Daughter”
    Original Air Date:  11/25/53

    A spin-off from the Jack Benny Program, this sitcom starring bandleader Phil Harris and his  movie star songstress wife, Alice Faye and  featuring Elliot Lewis as Frankie Remley will have you laughing out loud.   Show title: “ Health Food Diet”   Original Air Date: 11/21/48

    Clayton “Bud” Collyer stars as the man of steel AND Clark Kent in this 1940 series of The Adventures of Superman. Tonight hear Episode 4 of 6 with the title  ”Airplane Disaster”    Original Air Date: 5/1/40  Remaining episodes will be aired next week.


    SPECIAL ADVANCED NOTICE:  August 23rd - Our very own WSCA Audio Theatre Players will star in a revival of a Suspense tale known as I Saw Myself Running. This mesmerizing story concerns the blurring of the boundary between a recurring nightmare and reality… and features Kim Sedlock, Sofia Piel,  and Mike Nelson (photo l-r).  The program was directed and edited by John Lovering. Don’t miss this one… it is something really good on radio!

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