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    Article about Rob Kanzer, the host of What Can I Say?
    January 6, 2010

    York life coach helps clients look to future is the interview with the host of What Can I Say? , the bi-weekly show on WSCA 106.1FM dedicated to make your communications better.

    YW: What is it that you do? What is it that people want out of life and what do they want in their businesses?

    RK: Often surprisingly, it’s the same thing — health and happiness. People want to be happy themselves and if they are business people, they want their businesses to thrive as well. Since I have a background in counseling and entrepreneurship, I bring both theory and my own successes to the table and call myself a life and business coach. You might think of it this way — an athletic coach introduces athletes to drills and rules on how to play and succeed at a particular sport. As a life and business coach, I give people an outline on the game of life. I introduce people to models of thinking and various drills to help people learn how to pay attention and reframe things to get away from the negative past and back to the possibilities in the present and so be better able to create their magnificent future. Read more…

    Tags: Rob Kanzer
    Posted in local, Newspapers, York Weekly
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