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OUR DECEMBER 31st FEATURE SHOWS:  New Year’s Eve Theme



Our Miss Brooks - Christmas Gift Returns - 12.31.56 - Runs: 30 min.      

Cast Our Miss Brooks

 Featuring Eve Arden, Richard Crenna, Gale Gordon, Jeff Chandler, and Jane Morgan make up an excellent ensemble cast in this wildly popular sitcom series which aired on CBS radio from 1948 to 1957… and on television from 1952-56.  In tonight’s episode, our English teacher from Madison High School, Connie Brooks (Eve Arden) must return some Christmas gifts following the holiday.  Sounds easy?  Well, not on “Our Miss Brooks” but it is certainly funny!  30 min. 


 Big Town - Dangerous Resolution - 12.31.48 - Runs: 30 min.      

The radio program aired from 1937 to 1952. Written by Jerry McGill. Theme music by Fran Frey. Edward G. Robinson had the lead role of Steve Wilson, crusading editor of the “Illustrated Press”, from 1937 to 1942. Claire Trevor was Wilson’s society editor sidekick with Ona Munson taking over that role in 1940. Edward J. Pawley portrayed Steve Wilson from 1943 until 1952 when Walter Greaza was heard as Wilson in the final episodes in this radio drama series. Fran Carlon Big Town Starsplayed Pawley’s sidekick and “star reporter”, Lorelei Kilbourne, from 1942-1952. During the period in which Pawley starred, Big Town was rated No. 1 among all of the reporter-type drama series on radio. It was also rated in the top 12 among all radio programs broadcast and had a listening audience rated between 10 and 20 million people. Tonight’s episode is appropriate for the season… “Dangerous Resolution” from December 31, 1948.  30 min. 




Jungle Jim -  Concludes on the last day of 2013.  Part 21 and 22  of “The Bat Woman” from March 21 and 28,  1936.  Runs: 26 minutes.


Well Jungle Jim Bradley (Matt Crowley) is rapidly approaching the conclusion to the adventure of The Bat Woman.  Deep in the Southeast Asian jungle of 1936, the Bat Woman, who is the leader of aAdventures of Jungle Jim group of cannibals, has taken a liking to Jungle Jim… not for dinner, but as a potential husband.


As this adventure winds down, Jim is faced with the decision to surrender and take the Bat Woman for his wife or to fight and try to save his friend the Missionary and his daughter.


The most remarkable thing about this series is that is was on the air for about 14 years, 15 minutes every week day, a huge production job if there ever was one. Secondly, the fact that it was produced in 1936 (first shows) and that the sound effects, music, direction, etc. were so good back 77 years ago makes this a truly remarkable example of radio technology from almost as far as one can go back in the history of radio. 



Details To Follow


The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show (Sitcom)-  ”The Ukulele” - 10.30.49 - Runs: 30 min  

Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show Airing on NBC from 1948 to 1954 the spin off from the Jack Benny Program had a very popular life of its own. Singer-bandleader Phil Harris  and his wife, actress-singer Alice Faye became radio’s breakout comedy stars in what was a very popular situation comedy.  Harris and Faye played fictionalized versions of themselves as a working show business couple raising two daughters in a slightly madcap house!
Well known actor and director, Elliot Lewis played the hilarious role of “Remley”a cheerful, amoral, incredibly dumb woman-chaser, essentially the kind of character that Harris played on the Jack Benny Program.  Tonight’s episode is entitled “The Ukulele” from October 30, 1949.


The Jack Carson Show - with Arthur Treacher - (Sitcom) “Preparing An Amateur For A Film Role”… an “amateur” with no talent! 01.01.1947 - Runs: 30 min    Jack Carson and Mary Milford

Well, Jack is caught again in another episode of this popular sitcom that went on the air in 1947.  Like Phil Harris, Jack Carson plays a fictionalized character of himself as a none-too-bright movie star.  Every week he deals with strange neighbors and relatives in the midst of his hectic life in Hollywood.

British actor, Arthur Treacher, plays Jack’s butler,  Irene Ryan (Granny on “Beverly Hillbillies” also co-stars in this series along with an old vaudevillian pal of Jack Carson’s, one Dave Willock…he plays Jack’s nephew who often takes his uncle down a peg or two.  Tonight’s show is from January 1, 1947 and is entitled “Preparing an Amateur for a Film Role… an Amateur With No Talent At All!”

The Adventures of Archie Andrews - “Mind Your Own Business” - (Sitcom) - 06.01.1946  Runs: 28 min    

ArchieAndrews_LR_Harlan Stone.Bob Hastings.RosemaryRice


1944 to 1952… Archie Andrews ran on NBC.  Bob Hastings played Archie for most of the series, Harlan Stone was Jughead, Betty was played by Rosemary Rice, and Veronica by Gloria Mann.  The plots usually revolve around some simple misunderstanding that quickly turns into bedlam.  The show was aimed directly at a teen audience.  It was broadcast live on Saturday mornings when the audience could easily be filled with teens.  You can hear their positive reactions to the series!

Tonight from Juen 1, 1946 “Mind Your Own Business”


Command Performance clip from 1943 show featuring Bob Hope, Betty Hutton, and Judy Garland  Runs: 12 mins

  Bob Hope_3

Betty Hutton sings “Murder He Said” and Judy Garland reprises her 1939 song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on the 12 min excerpt from this 1943 Armed Forces Radio Network clip from Command Performance.  Bob Hope is the MC and resident comedian.






CRIME CLASSICS - “The Shockingly Peaceful Passing of Thomas Edwin Bartlett” - narrated by Thomas Hyland (Lou Merrill)  - 6.22.53 - Runs: 28min  

Elliot Lewis   










  DR. CHRISTIAN - with Rosemary DeCamp and Jean Hersholt - Soap Opera - “The No Good” written by a woman from Keene, NH - 11.29.50  Runs: 29min    

Rosemary Decamp_Jean Hersholt_Dr Christian









 THE SHADOW - with Orson Welles as Lamont Cranston - “Sabotage” 1.16.38 - Runs: 27:00 min    










 VIC AND SADE - “Gumpox vs Donahue” - A moment with Vic and Sade - 1.19.40  Runs: 7 min