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    for March, 2010
    Fundraiser for WSCA on April 10 featuring Christine Lavin and Don White
    March 28th, 2010

    Special Fundraising Concert Featuring Christine Lavin and Don White with the special guest Graig Werth! TICKETS
    WHEN: On Saturday April 10th -  7:30pm
    WHERE: South Church, 292 State Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801

    Christine Lavin and Don White

    Christine Lavin and Don White

    The event is organized by Kennebunk Coffeehouse:

    We here at the Kennebunk Coffeehouse believe strongly in, and support wholeheartedly, the mission and vision of WSCA 106.1 FM - Portsmouth Community Radio. We are excited to be working hand in hand with them to bring Christine Lavin and Don White to the area. We ask you to join us in showing support of this community centered organization by joining us for an evening of amazing music and side-splitting laughter.

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