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    Live From the Farmer’s Market Airing Through the Summer
    July 19, 2011

    From 10:00 to noon every Saturday morning, WSCA will be doing live on-site broadcasts from the Portsmouth Farmers’ Market. Every half hour during the ‘Scratchy 45s’ show, Kim Sedlock and Charlie Griffin will be interviewing a wide variety of the market’s clients and vendors, including newcomers, longtime residents, performers (from the WSCA live music stand), local farmers and craftsmen of all sorts.

    We have been asking what people are buying at the market, listening to on community radio, and other ways they are taking advantage of what the greater Portsmouth area has to offer.  So far we’ve heard young people who want to support local farmers by buying direct, a singer from the Prescott Park Arts Festival, and a longtime resident who remembers some of Portsmouth’s first Farmers’ Markets and has watched it evolve.

    Kim Sedlock hosts Monday’s ‘A Redhead Spins The Blues’ and Charlie Griffin is a member of the WSCA board. Both are excited to share with you one of Portsmouth’s most unifying and growing traditions, our Farmers’ Market!

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